December DINGS


There are some great DING fares for 12/1 to 12/19 to Orlando, if anyone is looking for airfare. Good until 8:00PM CST today 10/20.
Many $60.00 each way fares. Hope someone can use them. We already have our airfare through Airtran:frown: But we got a good deal of $69.00 so we jumped on it!


$60 is fantastic…$69 isn’t so bad either. I hope I have the same luck come August. I have already started looking for flights, so I am prepared to know what a good deal is going to be when I see it…lol


Darn! None between Orlando and Philly.




Sorry it did not help you :eek:


No worries. It will help someone and that’s what counts. Thanks for posting the ding fares. :heart:


That’s okay, I have DING downloaded, too. I don’t have a bad rate, just under $100/each, but I’m hoping for better as we get closer.


I showed DH the Ding this afternoon, hinting that if we were DVC members, we probably would already have the annual passes taken care of, and would get to go to Disney for only $480.00 of airfaire for a family of four. He just rolled his eyes!