December Park Hours?


When can we expect December park hours be posted? I am hoping by the end of August. I would like to know park hours and emh before I make adr’s! Thanks!


The hours will be posted on Sept 1 on :slight_smile: I can’t wait!!!


Thanks! Me either.


Oh that’s good to know. I had looked at the Nov. hours thread just to see when they were posted, to get an idea of when we could expect Dec. hours.


On the Disney site you can now click on the December calendar, but there is nothing on it!:dry:


Except for Disney Studios. For some reason, the December hours are listed for that park only.:blink:

Nothing on Intercot either.


Maybe they are slowly posting them. I hope! I need to plan meals!


if the dining plan is out to 180 days, then the park hours calendar needs to be listed that far out too…


The dining plan doesn’t extend to 180 days until October 27. The park calendars have been running several days late.


You can find the hours posted on I made my adr’s already, basing my choices on the trends I saw for November, and I was prettu accurate. I’ve never been at holiday time, so I’m really excited!


Oh thanks for the heads up, I’ll go check that site out.


I agree and hope that once they go back to the 180 days out on 10/27 they start to show the park hours that far in advacne as well. It’s hard to plan meals without them.


The park hours are posted on the WDW website now for all parks with the exception of MK.


Argghh! I need MK hours too. :frown:


They are now up…


Thanks Brandon for letting us know! Time to check over the plans for our December trip/


I just went and looked at the park hours. They are closing earlier than ever before and they don’t have hardly any EMHs posted during Christmas. I am hoping that they will change.


The closing times are the same as they were last time we went in December, but I agree about the EMH hours. Don’t forget, the Christmas Party will be going on at MK, so that cuts down on available nights for EMH at MK.