As teachers my wife and I get several days off during the Christamas holiday season. This next up coming year we actually have two weeks away from work. We understand that going to DWD during the holiday can be a bit hectic. However, during the days of December 20-Jan 4 which do you think we would be the best 6-7 days to attend DWD.


My husband and I are also both teachers and can only vacation during school breaks. We took our first Christmas trip this past year and had a blast. The crowds were not too bad on the 21st and 22nd but by the 24th the parks were packed. Go as soon as you can and do as much as you can before the parks fill up Christmas Eve. After that you can really slow down and enjoy the atmosphere.

We were in the MK on Christmas Day. The park opened at 7 am and the crowds weren’t bad, we got at least 10 rides in by 10 am and after that slowed down and finally left about 1:00 when it got really crowded.

It totally do-able, you just have to have a plan.


Do the parks stay open later during the holiday season?


Yes much later… They are anticipating the big crowds!


Another teacher here! We also go every Christmas. As DT says, go earlier during the break. People are still gearing up for the holiday and once it hits, it gets very busy. If Friday the 19th is the last workday, I would be on the plane that afternoon.


That is exactly what I was going to do and come home after a week. Doing must of the hard park work before the 25th.
How does that sound?
Thanks a million


welcome to mousebuzz I would definately try and get to the world as earlier as possible since after December 24 it becomes busier


Sounds perfect. We arrived on the 21st and left on the 26th and the first few days weren’t bad at all.


i assume that the parks begin to length their hours around the weekend of the 21st and continue to do so until the end of the season, therefore we will have more magic holiday time?


That’s correct. There were Extra Magic Hours the whole week of Christmas, I believe MK opened at 7 am for the few days before Christmas and after and stayed open until 11-12 each night.


Another teacher to weigh in. We went twice at Christmas time because it is the only lengthy vacation both my husband and myself share. It was crowded but we discovered extra magic hours quickly. We were at MK til after 3am, Epcot til 1:30, most of the time. Parks were practically empty. The only draw back was the kids would sleep til around 11am, eat, swim, and then we’s head to the parks in time for dinner reservations. It worked for us.


Student here… :laugh:

We do the week after Christmas… December 27 - January 2. It’s crowded and hectic, but we always have fun. If you know how to avoid or navigate around the crowds, you’ll be fine. What I always emphasize for Christmas break travel is EARLY EMH. The majority of park guests stay out late and then sleep in late. If you get up and head to the park with early EMH, you can get an incredible amount of attractions accomplished. We entered MK at 8:00 and had done everything we cared to do by noon.

Magic Kingdom fills up first.
Then Animal Kingdom or Disney-Hollywood.
Then Epcot.

Definitely head to MK early.

So, if you’re creative and careful with planning, you can still have a relaxing Disney vacation, despite the crowds.


Hi Airblue and welcome to MB. May I ask, when you say DWD, do you mean WDW (Walt Disney World)? You used the spelling in your other thread and had a couple of us confussed.


I apologize my proofreading at times needs to be quick. I have a million things going on at once. Multi-tasking is the name of the game. Over looking the small things is what happens from time to time.
Thanks for the look
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We found that on the holiday itself, MK was way more crowded than EC and Studios. I know it is hit or miss, but for us, it was really noticeable!


This is what we do for all of our trips. You know all the times zones…Eastern, Standard, Pacific and Disney time!!

I feel it’s important for the kids (and me) to get 8-10 hours of sleep even while we’re on vacation…so we just adjust our internal clocks and play 'til 3am and sleep 'til noon!! :laugh: