Decided on the Beach Club!


We decided that for our trip next year we will be staying at the Beach Club. DH wants to try a hotel where we haven’t stayed before and he really loves EPCOT. DD loves to swim and the pool area looks great, so the BC seems like a good fit.

Would love to hear about past experiences - good and bad - that people may have had! Thanks!


I think you’ll have a fabulous time there. It’s always exciting trying a new resort, we are trying Boardwalk in August for the first time. Nothing beats the proximity to EPCOT either. Also being able to take the boat to MGM too, and all the entertainment right next to the BC at the BW. You’ll LOVE it!


We love the Beach Club. So much so that we’ve chosen to stay there (over the other DVC resorts) for our 10-day trip in October. The location can’t be beat, the atmosphere at the Beach Club is very calm and soothing, and the pool, of course, is worth the extra money.

Congratulations on choosing a wonderful hotel! Enjoy.


We have stayed at BCV twice and have nothing but great things to say about it. We had a wonderful time and loved the resort and pool. We could have spent a week at the resort and not set foot in the parks and still felt like we had a great vacation. Plan some down time to enjoy the resort, it’s worth it.


Thanks!! So glad to hear such positive comments. We’re going for 10 days so we are planning on mornings at parks, afternoons at pool and evenings at parks. Can’t wait - just 4oo and 90 something days to go… :crying:


That’s 494 days to plan the perfect trip! It always goes faster than I think it will and DC helps the time pass quicker.


I am also staying at the beach Club in October for my birthday(actually at BCVillas). It’s a wonderful way to go Deluxe and not pay a king’s ransom!!!(480 dollars for 4 nights for a studio villa).


I’ve never stayed there myself, but I’ve heard GREAT things. That lady on The Travel Channel seemed to like it. :biggrin:


You are going to love it at the Beach Club!
There is really something to be said for being so close to 2 major parks.
For an Epcot fan, perfect!


Beach Club is a fantasy hotel for us!!! So beautiful and fun! We have sneaked into the pool area (actually, it wasn’t sneaking, since Disney used to allow pool hopping and we were staying at BW), and we eat at Cape May Cafe every trip… The resort is a little too $$$ for us, but it would be my first choice if money were no object!

Have fun!!!


Miss Disney,for your next trip,look into renting DVC points from someone. For my October trip(22-26),the cost for a studio villa is 12 points a night. At 10 dollars a point,that’s 120 dollars a night. If I were to get the same room directly from Disney,I would be paying over 300 a night.


Wow, ssn, you’re so sure you’ve decided on your resort at 490 days out! You’re much more decisive than I am! Well, that’s wrong… I’d have decided that far out… but then I’d change my mind three or four times. :laugh:

Beach Club is currently at the top of my list of places to stay… mostly because I like the pictures of the villas on AllEars. :wub:


I’ve actually never planned a trip this far in advance before! It’s starting to drive me crazy that I have to wait so long to go!! When we went to WDW this past Oct, DH said lets wait a few more years before coming back! I reluctantly agreed. A few months later and being bummed :crying: about the thought of not going back for 2 years I said, OK let’s go back in Oct of 2007 and his response was “that’s too far away!!!” So I said we can wait till June of 2007, but I want to stay at a deluxe since then I will have plenty of time to save my pennies!! So, I needed to choose my hotel now so I would have that in my mind everytime I am thinking of buying something instead of saving my $$$!!! :wub:


That’s a great way to look at it!
I think that will really help in your quest to save up for the trip.


What a great way to save money. For me, a trip doesn’t seem real until a resort is decided on and plans started. After that’s done saving becomes easier.


We’ve done the bcv’s 2x and are going back again. Other than Contempoary’s proximity to MK, it’s location (and Boardwalk’s) can’t be beat. Pool is wonderful, Cape May and Beaches and Cream are good…but having Spoodles across the lake and all the Epcot restaurants a short walk away is such a treat.

You can also walk to MGM in about 20-30 minutes. It’s definitely not for everybody to do that, but we find it relaxing, especially after Fantasmic when the line to get on the boat is very long.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


I’m glad to hear such great things. We’ll be staying there in May using two free nights we were given by our wedding planner back in 2003. So excited!! It looks really beautiful.


We stayed at the BC last August for 3 nights with our 3 DD’s (who were then 15, 10 & 10) and we were all VERY pleasantly surprised. My oldest got a card and balloons for her 16th birthday without me even saying anything (that was the highlight of her trip - she felt so special). All of us LOVED SAB and the proximity of the Boardwalk, but the absolute highlight was when we realized that we could be sitting in the Rose and Crown for lunch within 15 minutes of walking out of our room. For me, that made it more than worth any extra $$ we were paying - it was priceless! :wub: You will fall in love with the BC - enjoy making your plans!!


We loved it. The location is great and the pool is awesome. IF I had to give a down side it woudl be the rooms are a bit smaller than (say…) SSR. But who stays in their rooms?


I’ve never stayed at BC, I’ve only visited it. We ate at Cape May Cafe on our last trip (trip report is on the way, I promise) and loved it!!! Any place that has all you can eat clams and mussels is just fine with me!!