Decision Made!


Well, after much banter back and forth between the husband and I, and some looking at finances, we have made our decision for our post-Christmas holiday.
We are going back to Disney after all!

We were looking at doing an island all-inclusive, but the pricing at the time of year we can go is outrageous, and I don’t want to stay at anything less than a 5 star because I’m weird like that. So we will have to save that trip for anther time. Can you believe Disney is actually more affordable for us? Plus we have those annual passes, and what a waste it would be if they didn’t get used. lol!

We are taking my mother-in-law with us, as she really wanted to go back as she missed so much during the wedding trip in May.

I have checked availability and am calling to book today. 6 nights at AKL 12/30 - 1/5.

I’m so excited!

I’ve never been this time of year. What is the weather like?
I’m upset because MVMCP appears to end Dec 22, and I am pretty sure it went on until January some years. But oh well.

Is it warm enough to swim? Is the AKL pool heated?

Oh, so much to learn about Disney at this time of year!

I guess I better finish my wedding trip report… it seems wrong to go on another trip before finishing one TR!


Congrats on picking the AKL!!

We swim when we are there in December! People look at us like we are nuts, but, its not too bad. The pools are definitely heated.


The AKL pool is definately heated. My DD was swimming in that in january one year and it was cool enough to require jackets. I took a long winter nightgown (disney of course) made of fleece material for her to throw on over the wet bathing suit when she got out…you have to go and change immeidately once done swimming at that time of the year unless you really want to get sick…lol The only thing I know for sure is the first few days of your trip is going to be just a tad crowded, but should get nice and slow for the last days of it. Save the MK for then…

Disney is more affordable then people think. All I know is, I trip to WDW including tickets, airfare and food is cheaper than going to the jersey shore for a week and renting a condo…WAYYYYYYYY cheaper. I have that 5 star thing too. I hate cheap looking hotels…I think WDW spoiled me…even their value resorts are perfect.


Congratulations!! You are going to have a great time, the decorations are still going to be up but by the end of your trip the crowds should be getting thin.


It can be chilly, but compared to the temps in Canada, so you’ll probably think it’s nice and toasty!


I am sure the pool would be heated, we have gone in January and swam so I am sure you will be just fine!!


We were there at that time about 2 years ago. We all went swimming in AKL pool and the hottub too!


Congrats on being able to go back already! I agree it would be a waste to not use the AP’s.


I’m glad to hear the pool is heated at AKL. I will pretty much swim in any weather a long as the pool is heated!

Could anyone tell me what avg. temps are like at this time of year?


When I’ve been in January, the temps ranged from freezing to upper 70’s. We had to buy gloves on one trip…brr! There was ice on my friend’s car in the morning…yikes!


day time (high noonish) temps run between the low 70’s to the upper 70’s. It can also get quite cold then as well…we had days where it never touched 60. I found it best to dress in layers…


Yay! AKL, what a treat. What a great way to spend the holidays!