Decisions, decisions! Help!


Okay, I know I have stated numerous times in other threads that we have FINALLY made up our minds about which resort to stay in:blink: . We even went so far as to flip a coin when we narrowed it down to just 2. And I know I stated I just counld not do a Value Resort. BUT :blush: , now I am thinking about staying at Pop and using the extra $$ for a rental car. There would still be extra left over for shopping or whatever. Right now I have CSR booked with Park Hopper, Water Options, and DDP. If I switch to Pop it will cut about $600 from the cost. I could rent an economy car for $200 and still have extra $$ left.

Pros, cons, thoughts? This was the one thing that drove my late DH crazy, I have the hardest time making big decisions.:blush:


May I ask why you want the rental car? Is it to get around WDW?


Yes. I always use Disney Transportation to the parks, but I am planning on doing several dinner shows and they require some real planning with transportation. Also, DTD transportation BACK to the resort has always been a pain.:blink:


Oh my! We are toying with the same decision. We have booked CSR and when I see the price for Pop I keep thinking about changing our booking - figuring the price differential will pay for most of our air fare! Glad to hear we are not alone in our indecision! Anyone who has thoughts on this - I would love to hear them as well!


There’s not much difference between value and moderate, stay at Pop and spend your money on something fun.


Stay moderate and use cabs :blush: Besides, you have almost a year to go. There might be discounts in the future !!!

I on the other hand have 19 days to go :happy:


Yes you do! Yay for you! I can’t wait 'til I only have 19 ( or less ) days to go! Have a great trip and be sure to post a TR.

I thought about those potential discounts, like free dining. If we stay at Pop and they offer free dining during our stay, that will total about $1100 in savings before renting a car. We are planning to do water parks a couple of times and it would be nice to have a car for that.


We stayed at the All Stars in Aug and used a rental car. We usually stay at moderate or deluxe and always use the buses/monorail. We were really happy to have a rental car when staying at the All stars since the bus lines were so long and the stop was far from our room. There were only 3 of us so the room worked just fine. There really wasn’t much difference b/w the room of the value and moderate. The grounds and the theming are what makes a moderate different IMHO.


IF money was seriously an option… like we can go if we stay at value… or we stay home if we stay at moderate or higher … then I would say stay value. I personally do not care for the values. Too noisy, too crowded for me… JMO… nothing wrong with them otherwise. I would choose moderate, and plan ahead and use Disney’s free transportation. As far as the extra cash for spending goes… maybe something will happen between now and then to allow for the extra spending.


For me, as long as everyone has a bed to lie down in at night, and we have a place to take a nice, warm shower after a long day in the parks, I’m happy. We just got home (about 9 hours ago!:laugh: ), and DH and I have been looking at what we will book for our next trip. We will probably go with whatever is least expensive as far as the resort goes, because we’re NEVER in the room! For my family, it’s all about our park time. You gotta balance out what’s important for you and your family. Just because something works for me, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone else!:happy:


That’s a tough call, but I’d go moderate. If you have kids that like a nice pool (big water slide), the mods are the way to go. If you won’t be spending any time at the resort, then value might work.


DS will be 14 on this trip. It will just be the two of us unless older DS goes. He will be almost 21 and just doesn’t care that much for WDW. :crying: :crying: Where did I go wrong?!:crying: :laugh: :crying:
Anyway, younger DS loves WDW and is willing to go value if it will mean more money to spend and have a rental car (don’t know why that is so important to him, we have never had a rental before. He loves to swim and that is one reason we will be doing the water parks this trip. And, as long as he has a pool to swim in and flirt with the lifeguards, he will be happy. :laugh: :laugh: (He is so different from his older brother).

Maybe this will help explain part of my indecision. The last two trips were gifts to DSs from my aunt. We stayed at the AKL in a 2-bedroom suite. I would love to stay there again but cannot afford it now. It would take several years to be able to afford AKL again. I don’t mind staying Value, I am mainly concerned about transportation and big school groups being there. I am hoping that being in September, schools won’t be taking those big trips yet. I know when our school band goes to WDW, it is always in the Spring. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I am terrible at making decisions to spend big amounts of money. Our first AKL stay nearly put me in the crazy house!:laugh: DH used to get so frustrated with me. “It’s only money! Enjoy it, you can’t take it with you.” Now with him gone I am even worse. I just want this to be a great trip for us. And I don’t want to worry once we get there about having enough money to have fun, not go crazy, just have fun. DS is already trying to find ways to earn money and saving it.