Ok, we put off booking our summer trip and surprise, surprise we can’t get the resort/room type we want. We were thinking a standard studio at BLT or a studio at our home resort, BCV. Neither are available this late and I know it’s our own fault.

All the other DVC resorts have a studio open for our dates so we’re not totally out of luck, we just won’t get exactly what we wanted. We like the Epcot resort area so BWV would be a good choice but we didn’t care for the resort much when we stayed there a few years ago. Maybe we need to give it another try. Or, we could borrow points and book a lake view room at BLT. I hate to do that because we’re going to need all those points next summer plus more to take friends with us. Or we could try a totally new resort…

I hate having to make decisions, if I had just booked this months ago we would have had what we wanted. Lesson learned. I’m going to waitlist BLT and BCV and hopefully one will come through. Thanks for listening to my little vent, I’m just disappointed that I didn’t book what we wanted months ago.


Personally, we love BWV - and didn’t care so much fo BCV - but everyone has different tastes. I love being in the Epcot area too, but how about AK? Kidani Village is beautiful. Actually, DVC has studio rooms in Jambo House too. Terrific resort and I could sit and watch the animals all day.


That’s why I think we need to try it again. We stayed there for a week after we had already stayed a week at BCV and I think we just didn’t give it a fair shake. BCV feels so comfortable to us, know what I mean? I love the area and I don’t think we’re ready to try a resort that’s not close to a park as we spend most of our time in the parks at this point.


Then why not give BWV another try - it really is a lovely resort - sometimes I just like to sit in a rocking chair on the verandah and watch the world go by…I know the HALL OF DOOM is legendary, but we once had a room right at the very end - a very long walk, but the upside was the most beautiful, serene view over the river - we could see all the way to HS. Another plus are the rooms that look over the front of the resort called the “standard” view - they are less points - but have lovely views - lawns and a stream - you can’t see the parklng lot at all (and are much, much quieter than the more popular Boardwalk views.)


We had THAT room! We had the last room on the first floor. I did ask to be moved and maybe that’s why we didn’t love the resort. The CMs at the front desk were less than friendly at check in and when we went back later asking to be moved. They acted like we were trying to pull one over on them and kept asking where my family (sitting behind me in the lobby) was and telling me that we had used the room when we hadn’t. They moved us but the CM wasn’t happy about it and let me know it.

Maybe it’s time to give it another try.


I hear what you are saying. I waited before booking our trip in July at our home, BLT. By the time I did, it was not available. So we took a lot of other things into consideration. Where have we wanted to try, what would our granddaughter like and where could we stay that maybe the rest of our group would not like to stay when they are with us. We are trying to get into all of the DVCs before we cross them all off our list and just stay at BLT. So, we ended up at Animal Kingdom for the animals and our granddaughter. Our group likes to be closer to the action (parks), so we’ll sit this one out at Animal Kingdom this time.


What were your other options besides BWV?


It’s amazing how a person’s experience with a nasty CM can colour their opinions on a resort - I’m absolutely the same. If we have a difficult experience with a CM it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth about the resort. I’ve always liked SSR, but last trip we had such a snippy CM checking us in - she was borderline rude - so then I started thinking that SSR wasn’t as nice as before., and I’m not anxious to go back there again. But give BWV another try - you’ll get someone nice and things will look so much nicer - except for that freaky clown slide - that will never change. It’s evil…pure evil.:glare:


All other DVC resorts seem to have studios the week we’re looking at. We’ve been spoiled by staying at BCV and being so close to two parks so we really want to be close to at least one park. SSR and OKW are out of the running due to location and AK is close to the one part we don’t spend much time in. So, that leaves BWV and VWL and my DH wants to book BWV and at least be in the Epcot area.


You’re right. I think the CMs set the tone last time and we didn’t feel welcome during our whole stay because of it. However, we may have a totally different experience on another stay and change our minds. I’m with you on the clown slide…:eek:


There is no place like home (BCV).

But look at this as the opportunity to try something new. We love “home” so much, but every resort has it’s own unique attractions.

I would go with the Epcot resort location first though - before I took a place out in the hinterlands. WL looks pretty sweet and would be my first non-BCV choice.

Good luck!


Sorry you couldn’t get your first choice. The standard rooms at BLT go so quickly that if you own there you need the advance booking window.

I think I would go for BW and waitlist at BCV.


Sounds like you have decided to give BWV another try which is what I was going to suggest anyway! :laugh: We have only stayed on the Inn side at the Boardwalk but it is definitely one of my very favorite resorts. You already know you love the location so maybe this time the resort itself will win you over.


Thanks everyone. I haven’t booked anything yet but I’m going to try to call tomorrow morning. I’ve had a long week and getting our trip booked will help to end it on a high note.