Decorating Disney Home


This guy really went all out decorating the inside of his home with Disney themed décor


I’m a designer… and I think he did a very tasteful job!


Yes he did. And he’s still adding. I like how professional it looks instead of a bunch of stuff collected thrown together.


“Tasteful” was exactly what I thought. Love it!

And that automatically makes my kitchen just as cool as his because I have the same Mickey Coffee on display. :whistling


Just the right amount of Disney …not over the top.


I LOVE IT! and would do it to my apt in a second!


Cute - but I wouldn’t want it myself. Too many chotskies to dust.


There were quite a few pieces I would like to get my hands on!


It will not open. I get a message it expired or is not available:


Faerie…log into your Facebook account


got it thank you … I think it is amazing and there are quite a few things i want i want. it comes off classy not cluttered or kooky. I am impressed.


OMG amazing. I love how subtle it is! Thank you for sharing!



That was awesome. What a talented guy.