Decorating for MNSSHP


I know Disney goes all out when decorating for a special event. How do they do it w/o everyone seeing them? We are attending the first MNSSHP on Sept 14 which is on a Friday. How do they switch from theme park to Halloween party? I was just curious…:blink:


I do not know for sure… but I think they do these transitions while we are all asleep. The Disney elfs come out at this time. OOPS… misread… sorry… I was thinking of the Xmas dec…


They did close the park for 1 hour and all the MNSSHP guests went to one area of the park while they cleared the park and put up the decorations. The last time we were there they just magically appeared! You dont really notice them doing it. Or at least we didn’t. :laugh: :laugh:


They do it in ways you don’t notice, like unroll banners, turn signs around . . . change the lighting to purple and orange, project images on the buildings etc . . . ALL DISNEY MAGIC!! Very cool!! :happy:


After hours I would think. The parks close earlier that time of year, so they probally pull an all-nighter to get it done.


When we were there we never had to leave the park and never noticed them making the changes. I think they just start it durning the day but you just don’t notice them doing it.
More Disney Magic I guess


we noticed a lot of the decorations up before it started at 7. then, halloween music started, lights were different colors, etc. it was so awesome!!


They preplace lighting and scenery on building roofs and deploy them after official park close. Stuff at street level is rolled out from buildings and hidden storage.
A perfect example of this is the inflatables on top of the MK parking lot toll barrier. They put them up there and leave them up there until the event ends and only blow them up on party nights, but you can still see them from the Epcot monorail returning to TTC.