I really really really want to go to Disney during Halloween time…
We already have a trip booked for Aug. 2011 for DS’s 4th bday.
A friend told me that when I am going they should already be doing the Halloween decorations and stuff.
So my question is…is this true? when do they start the Halloween decorations and parties etc.?
I could have sworn I read somewhere that they don’t start till 2nd week in Sept.
Our dates are 8/29 to 9/3

TIA for any info you can give me, i will be most excited if this is true, if not then oh well it will just mean, ANOTHER TRIP :laugh:


Halloween Decor was up when we visited for Labor Day, last year. I’m not sure when they put it up, but it was by September 1.


Thank you hun!
unfort. I don’t think the special parades and parties start that soon, oh well, might just have to book another trip, lol