Defective pin backs


My area manager told me that the packs of extra Mickey pin backs have been pulled because they were defective. The backs were falling off and people were losing pins. I thought that was interesting because I lost several of mine that way. She said we were getting new backs soon.


yeah, I lost some pins on our last trip. I wound up carrying my lanyard in my pocket the last 3 days of our trip.


huh…strange enough my DD had several fall off her lanyard on our last trip. The pins were picked up right away cause my DD can hear a pin drop in a crowd…lol We ended up buying a spare pack of backs and carried them with us just in case…used a bunch…bought spares…lol


We lost a few pins last summer. As I remember some of the backs were a black plastic(?) and did not seem to hold to the pin well.


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My manager said it was the packs of spares that were pulled for being defective, although I thinks the backs that came with some of pins were defective cause some of mine fell off.


i have a defective fannybelt and i worn it it is was torn and all of my Incredibles pins fell off i had to pick it up right into the floor in the magic kingdom.


The main problem with the plastic/rubber backs is that the more they are removed and replaced upon the pin, the more chance that they can widen the hole that they are placed into. Remember that you are pushing metal into rubber and the rubber can be expanded by the post, but it will not spring back upon the post being removed, so the more you take it on and off, the more chance it may fall off on its own.