Deleting PMs


I can’t delete any PMs. I click the box then click delete but nothing happens. :frown:

Well, I figured it out…next time I’ll wait until I’m done with my coffee to try something new. :wink:


stuff like that happens to me all the time. I can’t figure something out, make a comment about it (which makes me look less than apt) and then it suddenly works. :wacko:
Have a great day!!! :smile:


I find that if I list messages, check them, and then select delete from the bottom of the screen, it works. Hope you figure it out!


Mmmmm! Coffee!


Well, if you’re unpopular like me, you wouldn’t get any PM’s, so you wouldn’t have problems like this… :crying:

Last time I made a comment like this I got lots of PM’s that day. It made me feel special and loved, so I thought I’d try it again… :laugh:


Dewey, Dewey, Dewey…yet another cry for attention. :wink:


There does seem to be a lot of them, doesn’t there? :laugh:


gee, I did send you a pm a while ago, didn’t I?

this is just pittyful darrrrrlinkkkkk…here is another one for ya…


lovemysons - your avatar is scary beyond all reason


Haha! I’ve got to stop eating rice cakes in front of the computer!!


Hmm? What do you mean? :wink:


It’s DEFINITELY a little scary! :eek:


Y’all hush. I think she looks GREAT in her avatar pic… :eek:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


You would…she’s just your type! :tongue:


Wait a minute… What the heck does that mean? :eek:


ROFL!! That’s not good, Dew Drop!