Delilah is live at MK tonight!


Anybody have a station that they listed to the Delilah show? She is at MK right now. She just rode Buzzlightyear and then she had the Dapper Dans on. You can also enter to win a trip to WDW or DL.

Disney Dreams


Who is Delilah?


Wow that’s cool…I listen to her when I want to relax…


I actually heard that! I always turn it off when I hear her but she was playing all Disney music! I just had to listen!


My wife listen to Delilah - I usually don’t – too sappy. But if she is a Disney fan, I might have to reconsider…


Way cool!!!


Yopu mean I missed it!!! I had switched our radio to a different station on Sunday because of a lawyer commentary they were having…MAN! I never switched it back.:angry: