Delta Sig 2007 Grand Chapter @ WDW!


My wife, a Delta Sigma Pi alumni, told me she has found out the 2007 Grand Chapter Congress, originally slated to be held in New Orleans in August 07, has been moved to the Hilton at WDW due to contractual problems with the hotel in N.O. If any other DSP members (or spouses like me :smile: ) are out there, please let me know. We will be looking into tacking on days either before, after, or both, and figuring out what other resort(s) to stay at. I’m so exited to get the opportunity for another WDW trip with “other justifications” than just vacation.
Prezcatz Paul


Hey!!! DH and I are both Delta Sig alumni. We got this e-mail too, and I posted questions in another thread about the Hilton. Were you guys in Orlando last August? Right now I can’t guarantee we’ll be going. The kids are more Universal oriented than WDW oriented.


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Oops sorry… :ohmy: I’ll see if Mickey can move it! Thanks!!
Prezcatz Paul


Unfortunately we didnt’ make it last August. We have plans already for this Dec, so I was very excited for an excuse to visit again 9 months later. But now my wife has mentioned since the AF is moving us to Texas this August, we may have to canx the Dec 06 visit and save up for Grand Chapter. :frown: I’ll keep working on her. Regardless, we can’t wait to see all of her DSP brothers again for a wonderful time. As she said, even if we don’t do any of the events other than the Sat dinner, if will be worth it to be with our friends!!

Prezcatz Paul