Delta Song?


Has anyone flown with Delta Song? We have neighbors that have and speak highly of them, so we were thinking about giving them a try for our next trip. We normally fly Southwest because of the low fares, but Delta Song is about the same price. Plus, they have their airfare available for purchase much further out than Southwest does (we could book our Feb 2006 trip now if we wanted to). Any comments? I’d love to hear reviews! Thanks!


Song is fine. We flew them last year and had no problems. When Jetblue’s unavailable, I always check Song’s rates first. Word of warning, though: for some reason, they “scat” during the in-flight safety instruction video. This became quite annoying on a 6:00 am flight. :wink:


We flew Delta Song with 2 small children and loved it, not a hitch!


We have flown Delta/Song many, many times.
Never once had a problem of any kind.
Love the new Songs jets with the TV at every seat!!


I have flown song and they were great! Flying them again in just 3 weeks :mickey:


Great to hear this!! I was really impressed with the tv at every seat idea - in fact that’s one of the things that was most appealing to me (flying with a toddler). Do they play selected movies or do you get to choose? This could be a lifesaver for our trip next year.

We had a FA who was singing on our SW flight last trip. It was a late flight and that was about all I could handle after a full day of work! I don’t know about the whole “scat” thing…But I think we’ll try it anyway!

Thanks for the info guys!


The have regular TV channels (yes, Cartoon channel) on the sets for free, or you can opt to pay for a movie from a list of selections.
There is also a cool music triva game you play against others on the plane “live”. Lots of fun.


They are a hoot. Comfy, colorful plane and fun attendants. Only thing is you have to pay for your food, but they have a lot of dining options available (tasty ones too- like the cheese and fruit platter).
I also love their music selection - everytime I go i write down the lists of classic pop music so that I can buy those songs for my own collection.


Song is the very last airline I flew on before I decided to stop entirely. Not because of Song, of course. Actually, I thought it was a very nice airline, the captain had a sense of humor and that really put me at ease. If I fly again, I would definitely fly Song.


I love the trivia game!! My mother and I both played and we did the middle seat for my nephew Nicky and HE won!!!