Deluxe Dining in 4 days


Here is the list of our ADR’s:

12/26 - Breakfast - Chef Mickey’s
Dinner - Coral Reef (CP)

12/27 - Breakfast - Crystal Palace
Lunch - The Plaza
Dinner - Leberty Tree

12/28 - Breakfast - Tusker House
Lunch - Yak & Yeti
Dinner - PrimeTime

12/29 - Breakfast - Akershus Princess Breakfast
Lunch - Biergarten
Dinner - Flying Fish

12/30 - Breakfast - Park Fare
Dinner - Le Cellier

12/31 - Breakfast - Boma
Lunch - Crystal Palace
Dinner - Toni’s

01/01 - Breakfast - Cape May
Dinner - Yachtsman

No doubt, my TR after the New Year will be filled with dining reviews. It is hard to believe this time has finally arrived.
I start packing tonight…My wife has already packed the kids and most of her stuff. So far, the kids still have NO CLUE.


Great job I hope you have a great time. Delux Dining seems like something I would love to try if I ever get back


Good luck in finishing all that food!


It helps to have a cooler for all the doggie boxes you’ll have by the time you head home.
Also, plan on cashing out the bulk of your snacks on your last day and make sure they are transportable.
Hopefully you’re driving.
(One who knows)


I can’t wait to hear…that is so cool your keeping it a surprise. I tried that, but the countdown timer on my computer gave it away…I forgot the kids can read now:)


YEAH - we will have stroller with small cooler stuffed in the bottom and we were totally planning on using our snacks to get food for the trip home. :slight_smile:


I second that! That plan looks cool but I would feel like I’m doing nothing but eating! :laugh: We had the reg. dining plan and that was more then enough food for us.


IMHO your best ADR is the Yachtsman Steakhouse:happy:
We will be there on Thursday Dec 24th:happy:


I think Flying Fish is equal to Yachtsman in terms of best reservation.
IMNSHO (In My Not So Humble Opinion:laugh:)