Deluxe dining plan


Sorry if this has been asked a million times before. We have our June trip booked but now I am rethinking a few things. We have the regular DP and may consider the deluxe. Does anyone know the price per day for the deluxe dining plan? I know that the regular is $38 per day for adults and $11 a day for kids–right?? I ahve all dinners booked except for one breakfast-- now that I think about it we really like to eat breakfast out on vacation. Wanted to see the price of the deluxe to see if it is better to pay OOP or upgrade to deluxe???


I believe the price is $69.99 per night per adult, but I’m not sure about the child price?

If you think you would eat at least 2 TS meals per day, the deluxe plan would probably be worth the money for you!


Here is the info from Disney.

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The amount is in pounds on that page! :laugh:


Oops :blush: sorry. Anyone know the conversion? Let me see if there is another link.


:laugh: When I read this for a minute I thought you meant pounds of food! :blink:


:laugh: I like the look of the price in pounds better, 5.99 a day for kids on the regular dining plan!!


Me too, I’d pay that with no problem.


:laugh: Oh yes I like that much better too!


The way to break it out is to target breakfast for a minimum of $14 but better are the buffets, which are about $20 with tax. You can try to sit down for lunch and run a tab of about $25-30. This adds up to $40-50, and if you can’t run a dinner tab with dessert and appetizer of $35, well, never mind. This also gives you the flexibility to bank one or two sit down credits for use at one of the signature restaurants. Again, dinner at one of the signatures will be in the $60-70 range. And two bottles of water as snacks is $4. If you get ice cream or stuff like that, your snacks would be worth as much as $10 per day.
By the way, there are counter service places like Sunshine Seasons and Cosmic Ray’s (think chicken and rib combo) where your meal will be $14-$17 if you opt out of sitting down for that meal.


I didn’t think I would ever consider the deluxe DP because I can’t imagine eating 3 TS in one day…but now that you put it that way, I am reconsidering. Being able to bank the credits to use at signature restaurants would definitely be worth it. We are not the type of people who want to eat 3 sit-down meals a day, but maybe 2, and we like our dinners to be somewhat of an event - something special to look forward to.


Just working the system and doing the math.


Right now the dollar is so weak . . . I think its 2 of ours to 1 of theirs!


I dont feel I’m ready for the deluxe plan. I come home after a week on the regular dinning and I’m stuffed to the gills.:blow: