Deluxe Dining Plan?


I’m planning a trip for September for me and my husband to DW. We have never used either of the dining plans. I was wondering if anyone has used the deluxe plan and what they thought of it. It sounds like a ton of food but we don’t really want to eat at the counter service restaurants and would like to try some of the nicer set downs that take two meals. Any feedback?:confused:


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If you don’t want counter service meals then the deluxe plan may work for you. It’s a lot of food and you’ll spend a larger part of your day eating but you can pan some very nice meals.


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You might be confusing the regular dining plan with the deluxe. The deluxe is three meals a day (your choice of TS or CS) and the regular is one CS and one TS. I’ve only done the regular plan once, but I know there are a few who have done the deluxe. I’m sure someone will reply soon with how they liked the deluxe plan.


DH and I did the deluxe plan for our honeymoon trip. Yes it is a lot of food, but it is great to sample so many appetizers and desserts. DH is an eater, so I was never worried about him not getting our money’s worth.

The great thing about the dining plan is that you have already paid for it, so you get to order things that you normally wouldn’t, had you been paying out of pocket for the meal. I ate FIlet Mignon several times that week.

When we go back this May, we will be doing the deluxe dining plan again. You never have to worry about anyone going hungry on that plan (which is great if you have a big group and you split up, which is what we will be doing sometimes).


We do the regular Dining Plan and found that we ate WELL. Also, if our kids were younger or no kids at all we would probaly do Deluxe but there is no way we could get our 7 and 4 year old to sit down twice like that for that long to eat. Also, the counter service meals were good and you can find some decent food at them with a little research. We usually used our snack in the morning and got some fruit.

Side Note: With our regular dining plan we hit the hotel cafeteria before we left and got enough food to get us most of the way home with (15 hours). We had several CS and Snacks left over.


Thanks for the Help! I think the deluxe will be nice for us since we don’t have kids and can do all the sit down restaurants. Now the fun of picking where we want to eat so I can make my ADRs when its time! :ohmy:


Doing the deluxe plan with no kids is the best way to do it. I know my 10 year old would get bored if we tried to do 2 or 3 sit down meals every day. It would take up too much park time and he would be bothered by that. We do one sit down meal every day and that works for us but everyone is different.


No kids would be a no brainer. Deluxe all the way. Have fun!!


We are not counter service people either, although there are quite a number of really good CS restaurants outside the parks. For example, a lot of members here love to eat at Wolfgang Puck Express or at Earl of Sandwich in DTD

Personally we loved the freedom of the Deluxe plan, the freedom to eat anywhere we wanted and to order anything we wanted. But it was A LOT OF FOOD.

I think for our next trip we will pay out of pocket and eat whenever and wherever we want to. Less committments to make :laugh:


We did the regular DDP our last 2 trips and are using the deluxe DDP next month. We looked at the difference in the cost and decided that the freedom was important so we weren’t stuck with too many CS if we didn’t feel like eating a quick meal. Plus, the DVC CM that added DDP for us added it for DS as an adult because the kids meals aren’t imaginative or enough food for my growing boy.


Let me know how you like the deluxe compared to the regular one when you get back. Have a great time!!!


Will do and thanks!


Oooh have fun picking them out! (And making the ADRs…I just made ours and it took a long time to make Deluxe ressies for the whole week! :laugh:)

DH and I are doing the Deluxe plan in May and I will let you know how we like it!


[QUOTE=dznygrl;935497]Oooh have fun picking them out! (And making the ADRs…I just made ours and it took a long time to make Deluxe ressies for the whole week! :laugh:)

DH and I are doing the Deluxe plan in May and I will let you know how we like it![/QUOTE]

I know its going to take forever, I already know a lot of places we want to go and try. I know we aren’t going till September but I’m so excited!!! We aren’t going to do any CS if we can help it that way we get our moneys worth!


September is such an awesome time to go!! I’ve been to WDW twice at that time of year, and I would probably choose it as my favorite time to go. The crowds are soooo light and the weather is really warm so if you’re from an area where it starts to cool down in September, it feels like summer got extended! :happy:


i just back (which i have a tr posted) and i brought my 11 yr old. she had a blast with the deluxe. We went to china and sat down, and had lunch. she loved it because i didnt have to worry where she wanted. yes we had alot of food but you know i didnt have to eat it all but i got to try everything or anything i wanted. On my tr it shows what i liked and what i was nnaaa with. its great. we had alot of snacks left becasue with all the food, since deluxe you get appet, entree, and desert, plus non alcoholic beverage…enjoy. hopefully one day i will go back


I’m going to read your TR right now!!


We have a four year old and realized that the regular dining plan is nice…but the deluxe is the way to go. It’s a planned break a few times during the day…in the air conditioning. We have been three times over the last two years. We bought the regular dining plan our first trip and here were the things we found… at lunch time, when we did our quick service meal, it was tough getting into the quick service places to eat. We waited in line for up to an hour to order and getting a table was usually tough and involved watching for families to get up and then rush over to sit down. Our daughter had several tantrums over this wait, rush…thing and so we thought about doing the deluxe plan the following time we went. It was great! Typically we end our day after the parade anyway, given our daughters age…she’s usually done by then…so we go back to our hotel and rest before going to a nice dinner. With the deluxe, you can choose either QS or Table meals, so you aren’t “stuck” with the table meals if you really wanted something quick. We found that going to Downtown Disney that we ate QS instead of sit down because there was less crowd and lines. We love being able to sit down at least twice a day without lines! We have done the deluxe now twice and hope to do it again in September when we go back!


Thanks, this point of view makes me feel a lot better about our decision to do the Deluxe plan. DH and I are just park commandos, plain and simple. We’re hoping these forced breaks throughout the day will slow us down and help us “smell the roses” if you will. And I’ve been contemplating the benefits of doing the Deluxe plan whenever we finally take the kids. I think it will be a must-do, because I can’t imagine dealing with long CS lines/no tables with cranky toddlers in tow!


We did the Deluxe dining plan which is 3 meals a day plus two snacks. For us it was alot of food. Some of the character dinners and breakfasts take up two meals(off your total number of meals) so we went to “Spirit of Aloha,” breakfast at Park Fare, breakfast at Crystal Palace, Jiko’s, and the Prime Time Cafe. My oldest whom was 8 at the time got bored eating from the kid menu at quick service which was always chicken nuggets since she won’t eat red meat. We felt bad about taking the snacks and food and not eating them.( My Mom had a stockpile of food in her room but we had to throw it all away!) So I think we might go with the regular plan when we go back in the fall…