We have the regular dining plan right now but we are considering upgrading to the deluxe plan!

Has anyone else done this?? We figure we would probably do 1 to 2 sitdown meals and at least 1 counterservice a day sometimes 2!!

My DH likes everything paid for!!! We usually take a small rolling cooler in and he does not want to do that this time, so I figured the deluxe plan would be MORE than enough and with 2 snacks we could get drinks if we needed them because we probably won’t need snacks!!

Has anyone done this? Is it worth it?

Thoughts? Suggestions??


I say do the regular dining plan and just budget some $$ for snacks here and there like a burger or frenchfries or turkey leg- that deluxe plan is so expensive and if you are still full from a last meal and not ready to eat again it will feel like all your trip is wasted eating yet again- JMO


I say go for the deluxe this way you dont have to worry during the day … especially if most days your doing 2 ts … this way you get two snacks a day and the counter service and dont have to worry about extra money on food just souvieniers but thats my opinion


We’re doing the regular dining plan with two teenagers and a preteen. The regular seems likes it’s already too much food for the day.


I have a very important question for you!
Have you ever done the regular dining plan before?? I am just asking because the dining plan alone is a LOT of food! I have a husband who eats like a beast and we always have extra snacks and go around full. However, we usually eat a small breakfast in the room (Poptarts, doughnuts…healthy stuff you know)
On the other hand, I know Mickey McFizzle has done the deluxe! Maybe she can offer her opinions.


The deluxe plan doesn’t make sense unless you are going to sit down to at least 2 meals each day. And keep in mind that you are still responsible for the tip.
I’ve done the math so many times here I can almost recite the thing in my sleep.
The daily cost is $69 so you definitely want to sit down for a buffet breakfast every morning. That alone will be $20 per adult. You still have 2 table credits left for each day. I’d suggest trying a couple of the 2 credit restaurants but would pay for things like Hoop Dee Doo out of pocket instead. To make the most of a 2 credit meal, you need to have your bill around $55. Any single credit meal should be around $30. If you can hit those marks, plus $4 for two bottles of water, the deluxe plan is worth the money. If you are unwilling or unable to sit down 2 or 3 times a day, every day, don’t bother.
The bottom line is every person needs to look at the menus at All Ears and do the math for your family. Only then can you be sure deluxe is the way to go.

Here’s the simpler breakdown:

$20 Breakfast
$25 Lunch
$25 Dinner
$4 Snacks

$74 Total

If you can do this, you will break even.


We have done the regular dining plan, and usually eat breakfast in the room or bring our lunches in along with snacks drinks etc… We just are not wanting to have to do the snack thing or bring in lunches this time. I do not know what to do!:blink: With 3 kids sometimes just worrying about myself and not a cooler and lunches and breakfasts and so on would be nice , Ya know??
Keep opinions coming!! Anyone who has used the Deluxe dining???:huh:


on the deluxe plan you get two snacks a day so wouldnt it be 8 dollars a day for snacks … I usually snack in the morning and afternoon … but that me … I am always eating …


Well if you do the regular plan you get a counter service credit per day so why would you need to bring a lunch?


We either eat breakfast in the room OR if we eat breakfast out we take a lunch in and eat CS for dinner!! Sorry I was not real clear on that!


My DH LOVES breakfast out on vacation, so I fell like we waste ALOT of our dining plan credits on breakfast and do not get to do as many good dinners!!! So we carry in lunch alot too!!!


I loved the deluxe plan. It was alot of eating, but we were taking it slow so I didn’t mind. Its ncie to have it all paid for.


If you got the dinero - go big.


How many sit down meals did you do? Is tip included on the deluxe or just the or just the premium? I really like having everything paid for too!! We are gonna just take it easy too since we have 10 days and we know what we want to do!!


ah, ok, that wasn’t clear before but I get it now.


Yes this is about what I figured with 1 more snack at $4 because you get 2 on the deluxe plan, and everyone in the room also gets a refillable resort mug too!! Which is a biggie for us cuz we usually share 1 or 2:redface: ! Which brings you to about $80/day with the refillable mug too!! We would probably do a sit down breakfast everyday and sitdown dinner too and then a CS for lunch!!! And possibly do a steak or seafood place I have always wanted to do!!! We kinda plan on just going with the flow a bit on this trip!!!:mickey:


I base my snack on a $2 bottle of water as that is the most likely snack you’ll want or need with three full meals already paid for.
I forget about the refillable mug, mostly because I avoid soda like the plague and try to bring about a gallon of home made iced tea, which will last a few days as well. As for coffee, with in room coffee makers, just grab a few extra packages of coffee from Mousekeeping and extra cream and sugar from the hotel’s counter service food court and you’re in business for free.
Personally, I don’t like the math of using one sit down credit for a counter service meal.


As much as I love to have everything as paid in full as possible, I just can’t see this making sense for me. I don’t want to sit for two full meals every day…it’s to much eating. The deluxe plan includes appetizer, entree and dessert…twice a day eating like that, I would weigh 15pounds heavier and not have room for a counter service, let alone a snack too…it’s just to much food for me to eat and tour a major theme park…in the heat…and crowds…blech…I wanna puke thinking about it.