Deluxe rates


My husband and I are hoing to go DELUXE this fall for our 2nd wedding anniv. trip.
Swaying towards Yacht & Beach and Boardwalk–love the location.
Anyone have any idea if the Deluxe rates will drop much between now and then? The best rate out of our three favorites now is Boardwalk for $334. a night.
I know Budget & Moderate resort rates drop conciderably in the fall. I’ve been told that deluxe resort rates do not usually drop.
Anyone have any guess on the deluxe fall rates?
Any ideas on ANY of the deluxe resorts is appreciated.


The rates change depending on the time of year. Before we owned DVC, I perfered to deal direct with Disney than a travel agent. Check this site out for additional information.


The lowest rates at the deluxe resorts will be during value season. Deb’s site reports value season at the deluxe resorts as 1/1-2/16; 7/5-10/4; and 11/27-12/19. A standard room at Yacht Club, Boardwalk and Beach Club will run you about $294 during these times. Keep your fingers crossed for some discount codes!!


You are going to run around $300 a night in those places. If you want deluxe hotel for cheaper, go to AKL or WL. Gorgeous resorts that are deluxes, but not as expensive. The rooms are smaller ,but if it’s only the two of you, it will be perfect.


Would you be interested in Swan or Dolphin? You can usually score a good rate there and they’re right next to the YC/BC and BW.


Late Sept is the best time to go, IMHO. The Floridian is beautiful, but Dana is right- the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a gorgeous resort, definitely stay savanna view, and it is much more affordable than the other deluxes. When I booked during value season this past January, I paid $900 for seven nights in a kingbed savanna view room. Not a bad price at all!


Yea, love the Swan Dolphin, investigated them first…we got married there in Sept 2003. Unfortunately, it is their peak convention time. There are very few rooms left, so there are no good rates available in October and NO teacher, nurse, or military discounts.(my husband qualifies us for the teacher rates). And, their rates are going higher as they become more booked! We were given a rate of $339 :sad:


Definately concidering the AKL and WL.
But our reason for going DELUXE was originally for the Y&B, or Boardwalk location. We love being able to stroll from our room at night or early in the morning for a quick bite to eat or a drink and having all those options without hopping on a bus. We are not sure if we want to pay the deluxe rates otherwise. If we can’t get that Boardwalk or Y&B location, we are strongly thinking we may save some money and go into a moderate.
If we do go moderate, concidering Coronado, because I think it is the only moderate with a health club. My husband needs to workout (weights & cardio) daily! Even though my first choice would be Port Orleans!
But if WL or AKL rates go low enough, we may splurge, just for the beauty of those resorts!


My suggestion would be to wait until comes out w/their fall discounts. I got the AKL at the low rate by waiting until 3 or 4 months out and checking that website. And I’ve seen the Boardwalk Inn drop to a low price as well - we would have chosen that resort, in fact, if we hadn’t just returned from the Poly which absolutely busted the bank account (don’t even get me started on what a throwaway that was). Anyhow, the AKL was wonderful, we got it at a steal, but I know for a fact the BWI will drop, I’ve seen it.


Do you rember how low the Boardwalk dropped? Below $250? Anywhere around $200??

What happened at Poly? I’ve only heard good things, and have had it on my list to stay at at some point!?


Check on allearsnet. You can get a good rate from them or another mouse-eared TA. Also, they have good AAA rates. Can’t hurt to ask.


My recollection is that it wasn’t as low as $200, but it wasn’t anywhere near its usual $300+ cost. Sorry I can’t remember specifically.

I was at the Poly literally days after the hurricane came through, so we suspect that they might have had some water damage - our carpet was wet and it smelled, when we got moved to another room, there were huge dust bunnies on the walls and our sliding door was broken, and the toilet wouldn’t flush unless the shower was off. We just didn’t feel that the trip was worth the thousands we paid for it. Most other people haven’t had the negative experience, and the staff did everything they could to fix it, but I just didn’t think it was even close to worth the money we paid for it.

And by the way, Reiko, Pete and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on September the 20th, and our plan is to stay at BWI on a discount code, probably one from As soon as I find the discount, I will let you know:mickey:


Historically, during value season, BC/YC will run about $200. However, Disney is going away from Discounts! Do not be surprised if there are no discounts at all for a while. From what I understand, we will see AP discounts for a while, so that might be your best bet if you are staying more than 4 nights or so.

I would suggest you get a room only reservation on hold where you want to stay, and watch (or have your TA watch) for discounts.


Congrats on your anniversary…sounds like we are both lucky we married guys who love Disney as well!!
Kinda bummed we can’t celebrate our actual anniv. date (Sept 16) at WDW, but we need to work with work vacations etc…
Thanks in advance for the heads up on any discount codes.
Do you book through Disney? Or a travel agent?


Thanks for the info…
I’m feeling a little more positive about being able to afford Y&B or BWI.
What kind of commitment are we in for by booking our room now at Y&B or BWI. Are we able to change our reservation to a moderate or another deluxe resort if the rates do not go low enough for our budget? And is changing resorts later a hassle?
What about a deposit on our credit card? Do they take one nights stay as a deposit? And if the rates change or we change resorts, how does that work?
Got our air reservations this weekend!!! The rates were so low, we thought we better snag them now! BTW, we are planning on a 8 night vaca.


If you book room only through CRO you will be able to cancel it up to 5 days out and get your money back.


It isn’t if the rooms are available.

Yes, you will have to put down a 1 night deposit. You can do it on the phone by credit card or mail a check to WDW.

You can call later and apply a code if available. If you move to a different resort your deposit will be applied to the new room.


“Disney is going away from Discounts!” is kind of scary, Mickey! :noo:

Do you know the reason for this - is it because of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, or what?


Congrats to you too!:mickey: I always book through Disney, I have never found a travel agent who could give me a better price.

As far as Disney moving away from discounts, I’ve heard that as well, and I suspect it’s because their crowd numbers are way up for the first time since 9/11, and they’re not stressing out so much about getting people to visit.