Deluxe Resort


Can anyone share thier views on Deluxe Resorts?

Is it worth the extra money? I stayed at CSR in September and was not overly impressed. We previously stayed a Music. Are the deluxe worth it…Anyone have pics of the rooms to share?



In my opinion, if one can afford it, stay at a Deluxe or DVC resort and once you see the difference you won’t want to go back to a moderate or valve.
But then that applies to just about everything in life, doesn’t it? I do like the CSR and POFQ if it’s just 2 people in the room. There are other factors in choosing the resort such as location, buses, pools, restaurants, and of course the BEDS! So I guess it comes back to what one likes!


I agree, if you CAN I say it’s worth it, but I’m the spoiled princess type who like to be able to call front desk for anything and have a nice restaurant on site rather than a cafeteria lol
I don’t find THAT big of a difference between value and moderate but a HUGE jump between moderate and deluxe, comfort and pamper-wise :smile:


If you can afford it, I fully endorse staying in a deluxe. While some might argue that many people don’t spend enough time in the room to justify the difference in price. My feeling is that the difference in comfort, service and theming enhances my vacation more than enough to justify the price.


I agree with what everyone else has said. If you go to they have photos of rooms for all the resorts (deluxe, moderate, and value) so you can preview what you’re getting.


Yes, if you can make staying at a Deluxe a feasible reality I say do it. The values are OK, the moderates are very nice and the deluxes are amazing!
However, I would have to say that CSR is my least favorite moderate. If you like the price and want to try a different moderate I’d say try Port Orleans French Quarter. It’s laid out similar to the other moderates with several different building surrounding the main hub, but it’s much much smaller. There is no on site restaurant but a boat to DTD is available.


Just a slight correction, it’s :blush: . I love the deluxe resorts but, of course, it all boils down to if you can affort it. It is quite a jump in price.


Actually they have both and So EITHER will work.

A direct link to the accommodation page is:

Accommodations In and Around Walt Disney World and Orlando Florida


Deluxe resorts are great if you can spend the money. Moderates are as good without all the little extras. There is a big difference is between values and the others. You can see the difference in quality. I would stay in a tent if I had the opportunity to go.:biggrin:


If you can afford it I say go for it!! Once you’ve gone deluxe nothing will ever compare!


We were able to stay 4 days at the GF. It was wonderful. You do get extra attention at the deluxe which is nice, rooms a little bigger, overall a quieter more “deluxe” atmosphere. Generally, more attention and better, quicker response to requests.

We’ve also stayed at WL which was also very nice, but we’ve just booked to go back to POR. If $ wasn’t a concern we would opt for GF, Poly, AK or WL (in that order).


Yes it is. On site even value is FAR better than being off IMHO. Done both.

You can’t ride the boat back from the MK after the fireworks and you can’t do THIS outside your value resort.


If you can afford it go for it-


I’ve stayed in almost all of the Disney hotels. Missing are All Star Movies, Coronado Springs, and Grand Floridian.
I’ve also stayed at club/concierge level in all that I’ve stayed in as well as regular rooms in the deluxes. It comes down to can you afford it.
When it comes to location, dining, and on site activities, they are the way to go. If you want a Magic Kingdom view or a limited Epcot view, there’s no hotel other than a deluxe that will offer that. If you want to walk to the Magic Kingdom, there’s only one hotel that allows this, the Contemporary. The best pool is Stormalong Bay at the Yacht/Beach, which because of it’s location has you in walking distance to Epcot and Disney Studios. Animals outside your balcony? Animal Kingdom Lodge.
Once you spoil yourself by staying in a deluxe, you’ll find it very hard to go back. Even the shampoo and beds are better and the rooms are bigger.


If you can afford it, definitely do deluxe! Try one of the lesser expensive resorts like Anilmal Kindgom or the Wilderness Lodge if you want the deluxe treatment with a smaller expense. We love both of those resorts, especially for the price. Check out our reviews under the review section of this site.:happy:

Here are some pics from some of our last trips to AKL and WL: (AKL photos) (WL photos)


Everyone is different - some people are rarely in their rooms, so the values are just fine - but the resort is just as much a part of my vacation as the parks are - so if you can afford it - go for it.

Another route to a deluxe is to rent points from the DVC member - then you can get a deluxe suite in a deluxe area (especially if you go for the suites at BW, BC, WL or AK. (and it may be less expense to rent points, than pay for a deluxe room).


The resort is part of the trip for my family so we don’t mind spending a little more for a deluxe resort. If it’s just a place to sleep and shower then you would be find in a value or moderate butif you are looking for a few ‘extras’ and have the money why not?


Just as a point of information. When I go on my extended coaster trips and hit 6 parks in a week or so, we do Comfort/Quality/Best Western/etc., unless the park has a captive hotel such as Cedar Point. For example King’s Dominion and Carowinds have motels across the parking lot from their entrance. Even Six Flags Great America is walking distance from two nearby motels. This saves on parking too.
I know, it’s not Disney, but it is related. Also related, if you go to Universal, you’ll benefit from staying in their on site hotels, if only so you don’t have to be bothered with driving and parking.


It depends on which resort in my opinion. The deluxes are definately worth the extra money if you spend a lot of time at your resort. It doesn’t make sense to spend all that per night if you are at the parks from open till close. I have only stayed at AKL, WL and the polynesian, but liked each one. AKL more than the other two. AKL is a lower priced deluxe and is right for me and my DD. IT’s like a vacation within a vacation with it’s remote location…theming ideal for us. WL was nice as well, but I will always choose AKL over it simply for the theme. The polynesian was beautiful, but extremely expensive…I wouldn’t be able to stay there for an entire trip without cutting out other expenses for the trip. If I didn’t go to WDW every year, it would be do-able. I only have a set amount for each trip and will not use credit at all…cash or nothing for me. I try to be smart about my resorts. I would rather stay at AKL, rent points or just stay at POFQ than spend a small fortune to stay at the other deluxes…it’s just not in the budget for me. I would rather have more spending money to shop with:laugh:


If I could stay at Poly, I would love it. I think GF is too staid for my family, and CR isn’t our style…