Deluxs Dining Plan


DH and I were talking the other day - he wants to get the Deluxe Dining Plan on our next trip. His thoughts - have breakfast every morning and have a signature dinner every night… what do you think?


if i could afford it i would go for it. it seems like a lot of food but i think it would give you a lot of leeway to eat where u want to… we pay for our breakfasts. usually do only two or three a trip … cp and ohanas. my only problem is we are stuffed on the regular plan


If you can afford it, then do it. We love to have breakfast and then a snack mid afternoon, with a nice dinner in the evening. Seems perfect to me.


Done that and want to do it again! Cali Grill, Jiko, and Brown Derby were wonderful!


We did it. It wasn’t much more since we upgraded from free reg dining


That sounds like a great plan. I would love to try that some time.


That’s pretty much the plan.
Of course, depending on how many days you’re there and what times you’ll be doing dinner, there will probably be days that you will have three meals. In that case, eat breakfast early and go to Wolfgang Puck Cafe for dinner (they’re open later than most of the hotel restaurants).


It depends on what you want. We usually like a sit-down breakfast, mid-day snack and counter-service dinner so I don’t know that it would meet our needs. How much more expensive is it?


I like to do it, but the problem is I am always stuffed on the regular plan.


It’s about $32 or so more.
For that extra money, you upgrade to three sit down credits and two snacks per day, plus a resort mug.
If you’re like me, it does work and work well and is worth the extra money.


If you are looking forward to relaxing and you have time to spend in fine restaurants without others pulling you here or there I say go for it. It is a lot of food, but it can be alot of outstanding food.
It would be a no go for us if we were traveling w/ the kids. But this is how DW loves to do WDW when we are by ourselves. Some days we are lucky to do 4 hours total in a park.


Sorry I’ve been gone so long, very busy at work. DH and I are thinking of breakfast every morning, doing a snack in the afternoon then a signature dinner at night. The only Sign we’ve done is Cindy castle, which I would do again. We are just talking about it, but it does sound great.


That sounds like a good plan to me. I’d hate to do 3 table service meals a day. Planning alone would drive me to pull out what’s left of my hair.


We did 6 days (5 nights) last October, so we had 15 credits.
Because we were checked in by noon on our arrival day and were not leaving until after dinner on our departure day (7 PM), we were able to string out two sit downs every day for 6 days. This means that we did 3 signature restaurants (California Grill, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, and Narcoossee’s), 4 single credit restaurants, and had breakfast at a different buffet every morning. Plus, we were driving, so we banked most of our snack credits and redeemed them for a bunch of key lime tarts from Beach Club Marketplace.
Just enough food (and a good thing we had the fridge for doggie boxes) to keep us going all day.
But trying to jam in 3 full meals every day? Unless you’re getting up every day at 6:30 and you’re closing a park and then heading for late dinner, you’re just going to feel like you’re at one endless meal.


We did the standard plan last trip and eating at the counter service restaurants is not for us. We opted for the Deluxe plan on this trip for 2 reasons.

  1. We want to eat sit down every meal. We don’t have any children and don’t do the parks commando style so we have plenty of time enjoy great meal.
  2. We are appetizer lovers. If given a choice we would forfeit the desert for the appetizers. On the deluxe plan the appetizers are included. We missed this using the standard plan.

We have a couple of character breakfasts planed at Chef Mickey’s and Crystal Palace and plan on lunch every day. The days we skip Breakfast we will use our points for signature dining.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

For one point dinners we have

Ohana’s (getting nervous about this one as my wife as been reading several bad food and service reviews over on DIS)
LeCellier (this restaurant will be 2 points starting in March)
Cape May Cafe’ (now that the crab legs are back this is a must do)

we leave 9/4/2010


Spectro, think about switching out 'Ohana and switching in Kona Cafe. The time we ate at 'Ohana, service and food were good, but the menu itself has never thrilled me. Personally I think 'Ohana is not a place for an intimate dinner for two, it’s much better if you’re part of a large loud group. Plus the larger the group, the more need there will be for near constant service.


We eat at Kona all the time and love it but haven’t eaten at Ohana in a long long time. We know it is noisy and are prepared for that. We had this booked just before they pulled the shrimp and replaced it with the sausage. We canceled our ADRs because i loved the shrimp. Fast forward a few years and they brought back the shrimp but we could never get a good time because they started DDP. So this meal is a bit nostalgic for us and if it is bad we won’t return but at least we tried it again.


Well well, you have come to the right place. We have done DDP three times now. It is the way to go for us. 1. I am a meticulous planner for our meals. I have reservations at every single place we want when we go and we do what we want during the day except for meal time. 2. We eat the best. Seriously, we typically do a 1 credit meal for breakfast or lunch (depending what time we wake up, yes we can be lazy when on vacation) and a 2 credit meal for dinner. Is it too much food? YES. Do we get fat? ABSOLUTELY (I gained 10 pounds this year in 7 days). Is it worth it? AB-SO-FREAKINGLUTELY.

The reality is, my wife, daughter, and I go on vacation to have a magical experience. Part of the Disney magic is the food. How they can serve that many people and do it with such high quality is astounding.

Trust me, do it once, do it for yourself, and enjoy the heck out of your vacation!

It is worth it if you plan it out right.


FYI… We LOVE Kona. It wasn’t as great this year, but I think it was because we were the last seating of the night.


I think it’s worth the money just to not have the hassle. There are a few of the signature places that cost 2 credits, and this plan allows you to have enough points to cover those. We are booked for Nov 14-20, 2010 and we have some great ADR’s already confirmed, using the DDDP.