Deputies cracking down on WDW speeders


Anyone driving on WDW property these days should be aware that Orange County deputies are cracking down on traffic violations, particularly speeders. Where once seeing any kind of police presence on WDW property was a rarity, the increased enforcement comes at Disney’s request after the company voiced growing concerns about what was taking place on its roadways.

Deputies often have been writing more than 20 traffic tickets a day. While they’ve concentrated on Buena Vista Drive and World Drive, I’ve seen them writing citations all over property. Tourists, locals and cast members are all being cited.

Getting a speeding ticket during your Disney vacation wouldn’t be very magical. Let’s be careful out there!


I noticed this during our last trip. I can’t recall ever seeing cops on WDW property before, but they were sure there last December. My CM FIL said the same thing, they don’t cut any breaks. So doing the speed limit is VERY good advice…



Just last week, while we were there, I was saying to Matt how funny it is that you never see a cop. This was as I was speeding. :blush:

I promise. I’ll slow down. I just get SO EXCITED!


Crap! Now I’m gonna get another ticket… :pirate:


We noticed how many people were stopped in March. Hmm, better warn dh.


I was there in April and they had a few speed traps set up. They are now a show of force. Also many more at Downtown Disney.


There was a pretty bad traffic accident one morning as we were on our way into MK last week…that would be a terrible thing to happen on vacation. It’s a good reminder to us all (another reason we stick with WDW transportation!)


I understand the tickets they issue are from Reedy Creek Improvement District and feature various Disney logos incorporated into mast head of the ticket as well as hidden Mickey watermarks.


I think Soundgod wants a ticket for a souvenir! :biggrin:


that’s what Disney busses are for. :smiley:


I want a ticket almost as much as I want 4 points. And I’ve been noticing more Orange County Sheriffs the last few visits too. Maybe we don’t need to drive 70 MPH on World Drive and Bonnet Creek Parkway.


Is 60 ok?

Don’t we have an arguement to finish in PM? You have left me hanging! :wink:


actually I am so glad to know this … as a Disney bus rider I have seen some things that those poor drivers have to deal with and I am amazed at how well they do …but the extra help of law enforcement sounds like it will make it safer for all.
not to mention … slowing down uses less gas …with gas prices like they are we should all be driving slower any way.


That was an arguement? I thought we’d about exhausted that topic anyway.
Besides, in Florida, the actual speed limit is always 20 MPH above what’s posted.


Good. Glad to see that they are enforcing the speed limit. Who wants an accident at WDW?


I am so glad to hear this! I am always telling DH to slow down. Maybe now he will. He thinks he is Speed Racer when we are there.