Designated Smoking Areas


So my mom and stepdad are smokers and they’re freaking out about Disney’s new smoking restrictions. My TA sent me a link that has all the maps with designated smoking areas, but they were only hotels. Are there any designated smoking areas at the parks?

I really hope so since I am not sure if I can tolerate a week with grouchy people!! :angry:


Yes there are lots of smoking areas. No need to fear. My Aunt is smoker and she knows where every smoking area is. They are clearly marked on the maps. No need to fear!


Here is the link for you Smoking Policy and Designated Areas


Hope this helps you!


tell them not to worry there are spots designated all over the park. That link will show you.


There are plenty of spots, usually around the bathrooms


Thank Goodness!!! Thanks for the link…very helpful!


So welcome! Glad to be of service


The patch works too.


Good one!!!