So, need some honest opinions. . who has done the Dessert and Fireworks deal at MK and what are your thoughts?? Worth the money?


I thinks Jessica has done it.


We did it two years ago and I have to say the desserts were fantastic!! There was a section where you could stand and see the parade and fireworks (our table was in the back and you couldn’t have seen it even if everyone wasn’t standing along the railing)… It had just started and maybe they worked out the kinks since but to be honest I found it a lot of money for what you get… I’d much rather grab a Mickey Bar and find a spot to watch along Main Street… Just my 2 cents worth anyhow.


I have not personally done it, but did suggest it to a friend and his wife. they loved it and are doing it again when they go in October with party of 8.


We did it as well and really liked it. I would recommend it! It was great to watch Wishes from the location. You still need to stand against the railing to see, but there was plenty of room for everyone. I would love to do this again!


It’s a great viewing location, especially if you are up front and right under the slide wire.
But we usually have dinner reservations after we leave the park or have just had dinner, it doesn’t time out well for us. So in our case, $50 for two people is better spent elsewhere.
Maybe some day, but not this day.


We’ve done it 4 times! The first time was awesome, - the last two not so much. :frown:

Personally I think the viewing is not that great - they don’t dim the lights, and the angle of the fireworks is off to the right of the castle. (I’m a front of the castle watcher :happy:) The desserts, while they are yummy, are not refilled as much as they used to be, so by the end they are all picked over. :blow:

Last time we went was January this year - it was freezing (which didn’t help) but the coffee, coco and tea were cold too. :ohmy: I was VERY, VERY disappointed, since I was with a first timers, and had talked it up to her.

I agree with Soundgod - save your $$ and spend it else where. And IMHO, I think you could do a walk up now if you REALLY wanted it. The last few times we went it wasn’t sold out.


I’ve done it with my DDs once and it was nice, but not something I would spend the money on again. The desserts were good, but I agree with Mickysgirlz, they aren’t refilled enough. The view was ok, but not as good as in front of the castle.