DewMan and Bali do the World!


Well, not together, but we’re both leaving in, like, ALMOST NO DAYS!!! :eek: How cool is that?!??!!!???!?!?!?!

Sorry. This is my normal I’m-going-this-week-and-I’m-too-excited-to-sleep-so-I’ll-just-post-a-lot-on-DC behavior…


Well maybe we SHOULD be doing WDW together. :biggrin:


Everybody in the pool!!!


Can I come?!??!!? Puh-lease!??
OK, ya’ll.

I wanna meet ya both? where are we gonna meet? What are we gonna do? :c)


Yay!!! Have a blast!

60 seconds. :pirate:


Have a great time!!

Don’t worry I took all the crowds away with me, but left you the sunshine!!


You guys are lucky. And Dew man is doubly lucky, because he gets to meet Bali. I’ve met her twice now, and it was a pleasure from beginning to end both times.


You guys are going to have a great time. I with I was going this week but I’m right behind you. Have fun!!


Man, it is so close for you two … how do you stand it?
I need to pace myself (or so I’ve been told) so give me some clues. How do I keep hangin on for another 27 days?


You guys will have sooooooooooo much fun!
Its only 2 DAys until I go to WDW!!!
Where you guys staying?Are you on Property?

Hope the weatehr is good for us all and they keeps those crowds down!


I can make sure you’re hangin’ for 27 days…there will be rope and duct tape involved.


Mwwwahhaahaaa…YES!! Let’s do it! :ninja:


Ok…since I’m leaving in just under 2 days, i’m pressed for time… So I nominate Erin to set this up… :tongue:

Erin you have my cell #…


I’ve been prank calling him all day!


Hee hee! Do(Or is that Dew?), one for me too Erin! :tongue:


ROFLMBO!!! You GO Goatella, get da Hog!!


Erin…I thought that was you. The cops have been alerted to your mischief making and should be at your house any minute now…

Pep & Donut… Don’t encourage her…GEEZ! :tongue:


You need to copyright this saying! I’ll be doing the same thing in 46 days as well! Have a great time!! :happy:


Both of you better take lots of notes and plenty of pictures for us!!!


I’m all over the pics… I average about 1200-1500 pics per WDW trip…