DewMan's PotC 2 Review


Well…not so much a review as a comment. Anybody who said anything to the effect of “It’s not as good as the first one,” or “I was disappointed with this one,” are OUT OF THEIR MIND!!! We went and saw Dead Man’s Chest on Saturday and we LOVED it… It was EVERY bit as funny, exciting, and full of adventure as the first one. Depp was PERFECT as Capt Jack Sparrow…SOOOOOO funny, just like in the first one. I don’t see how ANYBODY could be disappointed with this movie.

Were any of y’all disappointed?


Thanks for the opinion. We haven’t seen it yet but plan on seeing it soon.

Shouldn’t you be working on your TR???


I really liked it a lot and I was not at all disappointed, I think maybe I wasn’t expecting the first one to be as good as it was so I was surprised at how good it was, but this one I expected it to be really good and it was as good as I thought it would be. So I guess I was just more impressed with the first one. Does that make sense?


I certainly wasn’t disappointed, and I think it was every bit as good as the original. I just like the original better…for no reason, I just do.


Good… I’m glad I’m not the only one. I tend to pay little or no attention to the opinions of others on movies, etc, so I didn’t really put much belief behind some of these negative feelings towards PotC 2, but after I saw it, I REALLY thought these folks were just CRAZY!!! I LOVED every second of this movie… It was EXCELLENT!!!


I enjoyed this one just as much, if not better. I catch myself in the middle of the day giggle about one scene or another. Maybe it’s because you feel you now know the characters much better, the second time around.


Pumouse…you were just happy to be seeing Johnny Depp on the big screen again:laugh:


I don’t understandt the negative feelings either. I saw #2 again Friday, and I enjoyed it more then second time. It is ARRSome!!!:pirate: :mickey:


Hey Dew,
We caught it over the weekend and enjoyed it, as well. Here’s my review from my own website:

Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” has arrived with a splash and plundered the box office with the greatest earnings of any movie in history, and it’s no real wonder why. With its swashbuckling heroes, swaggering pirates, and feisty heroines, PIRATES is the closest thing this generation will have to the original INDIANA JONES series. This is one big special effects bonanza, and it feels so real that once you become absorbed in its world, you don’t really want to come out of it.

Based upon, or rather, inspired by one of my favorite attractions at the Disney theme parks, this PIRATE movie, as well as it’s predecessor, captivated me more than expected. Whether you’re there to watch Johnny Depp’s insanely calculated actions as the ever-mysterious, often ambiguous Captain Jack Sparrow, or wallow in the romance of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly’s Turner and Swann saga, or just want to soak up some ancient Caribbean pirate flavor and atmosphere, this movie makes sure you get a bit of everything.

Slightly overdone, but totally riveting to gaze upon are the visual effects that bring the Squid-faced Davy Jones and his oceanically deformed shipmates to life. John Knoll, of ILM, and his team have created a villian who is both scary and curious to look at. And the legend of Davy Jones has never been more exciting or enticing.

All of the visual effects in this movie are startingly effective, often seeming so realistic that even jaded moviegoers will have to sit back and wonder how they ever got to film that. I’m thinking now about how less than realistic the effects in the recent King Kong movie look when compared with this one. This is a big, bombastic, blown-up movie, and as such it’s fun, giddy and original.

There are several homages thrown in to boot- watch for tributes to Raiders of the Lost Ark and even The Empire Strikes Back, the latter of which this film has been compared to due to its (somewhat of a ) cliffhanger ending. The whole movie, as a set up for the next chapter, works really well, and leaves you hungry for more.

I suggest a viewing of the first film, especially if you haven’t seen it in a while, before catching this one. The action picks up sometime later, with no looking back, so some viewers may be confused.

I also enjoyed the tributes to the source material. The original PIRATES movie was filled with scenes from the ride itself. This one takes in the atmosphere of the Florida park attraction (check out the prison scene), and creates an interesting backstory to the swamp section of the Disneyland attraction (with the little porchlit house on the plantation in the middle of the murky river, as seen in the California version). Only neither ride had anything to do with squidheads and scary looking crewmembers.

I was also disappointed not to hear the main PIRATES ride theme song anywhere in this movie ("Yo Ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me). Still, for the material at hand, I think the director did a fine job, and I eargerly await the next (and final?) chapter of the PIRATES saga. This is the kind of movie that movie-going summers were made for.

BE FOREWARNED - There 'be PIRATES ahead. This movie is TOO INTENSE for the little ones. Unless you want them to have nightmares all night.





Well… I love banjos, and I love Star Wars… It makes perfect sense, really… :laugh:

Pirates 2 wasn’t too much for the JDMan…He loved it… But, he is the son of The DewMan…so he’s far more than your average 3 y/o… :laugh:

Great review Geeman…


Just teasing ya, Dew. :laugh:

BTW- I didn’t mean to Plunder your thread :pirate: arrgh!:pirate: Just thought I’d offer my review since I spent all that time typing it.:laugh:

Glad to hear JD takes after his dad and made it all the way through. It really was a fun flick.


If you keep making cool pirate references like “BTW- I didn’t mean to Plunder your thread :pirate: arrgh!:pirate:” you can feel free to threadjack anytime… :laugh:


Best line in the whole film: “I happen to have no dress in my cabin!”

I loved this movie! From the very first minute to the very end… you get a LOT of movie for the price of this ticket!

And that kiss… wow, that kiss… worth the price of admission in my opinion. Keira Knightley is a lucky, lucky actress!

Wasn’t the make-up/special effects great for Davey Jones’ crew? SO CREATIVE!

And the best part: how about all the references to the ride??? Yes, the actual POC ride from Disneyland/WDW… references to the dog with the keys and all… setting up actors in the exact poses as the animatronics figures… wow, this was really really special!


ROFL!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:


The only part I thought they over did was the whole sword fight on the wheel thing. J Depp was awesome.

And the movie, from the beginning when the girl and the Tolkien-fairy dude correct the guy with ‘CAPTAIN’ Jack Sparrow - was way cool.


I have been hearing a lot of people say that this movie was “plotless.”
Plotless??? Were they sleeping during this movie? It was anything but that!


We went last Saturday and loved it. Definitely a lot darker than the first one, but still a great story! I’m already picturing how #3 will unfold. Can’t wait!

BTW, thought you all might enjoy a little vignette at Orlando Bloom’s expense. At the premier of the movie at Disneyland, a screen was set up in the Fantasmic area and some temporary bleachers were set up for the dignitaries who were invited to view it. The Columbia, carrying Johnny, Orlando and Keira, sailed around the island and up to the bleachers where a plank was lowered and the stars disembarked to their seats.

Well, apparently Buena Vista provided quite a few hospitality tables for those invited and during the afternoon, Orlando had more than his share of liquid refreshment. While on the Columbia, he decided he needed to ahhh…relieve himself. There are no facilities on the ship and he was so “unstable” that he couldn’t go over the side. So he just “watered” the deck of the Columbia! Now that sounds more like something Jack Sparrow would do rather than Will Turner, but, arrrgh, definitely a pirate-like solution to the problem. Yo Ho!!


Um…EEEEWWWW!!! But…very funny too!


Yuck. How ungentlemanly of him. Where’d you hear this one? (Hopefully you didn’t experience it!) LOL.:biggrin: