DH added another day to our upcoming trip!


I was so happy when DH said that he decieded to book another night on our trip!! He was debating it for a few months now and he finally did it this morning.

I can not wait!! Oh and I am single digit dancing!!



And I am double digit jealous! Have a great trip!


An extra day of the magic- how exciting, so pleased for you.


So that’s a good indicator that the crowds will be low, as you were able to add another night so close to your trip (room availability wise). We added an extra day to the front of our trip (didn’t want to fly on 9/11) and it made such a big difference having more time to see everything you want to see. Enjoy your trip!


Lucky you!! Have a wonderful trip!


Yay! :goofybounce:


Hooray!!! It’s so awesome to add days:)


thanks everyone!!


Another day of magic is wonderful!