DH booked a weekend trip for us!


He just decided that a trip to WDW was the best gift he could give his family, so he called 'em up and booked a trip today! We leave tomorrow night, and we will drive through the night to Orlando. We aren’t going to tell the kids. We live just north of Charlotte, NC, and DH has an older sister who lives in Columbia, SC. We’re going to tell them that she needs us to bring something to her before he son gets home from college–a Christmas surprise for him–that it has to be done quickly. I’m going to hide our luggage in those big Rubbermaid Rough Neck boxes so that they will really think that we’re taking something to DSIL. I’m sure they will be asleep before we hit Columbia, and hopefully they will stay asleep until we hit Orlando bright and early. I plan to have my video camera ready to go . . . I can’t imagine giving them a better surprise than a spontaneous long weekend to kick off their Christmas break!:happy:


Sounds so exciting!! Have a great trip!! Christmas at WDW is really magical!


Sounds Great!!! Have a great time!


What a great present… have a great time.


What a great surprise…have a wonderful trip!


Wow, that’s an awesome surprise! We did the drive-through-the-night thing for a weekend trip, before, and it worked out great. Sure, you’ll be a little tired the next day, but I found it exhilarating. :laugh: Please post the video!!! :happy:


Yes, very exciting indeed! I am sooo excited, but I am nervous to tell our families. They are going to think we have lost our minds.:laugh:I will definitely post the video.


Have fun and be sure to tell Santa I’ve been a good girl. :happy:




After crazy running around all day today, I finally have us packed and everything hidden in the back of my car. We have DD11’s chorus concert at 7:00 tonight and she is worrying about getting her homework done!:laugh:Little does she know that tomorrow at this time she will be in the happiest place on Earth without a care in the world!:laugh::laugh:I am sooo excited!!