DH has me on pins and needles!


Our best friends, 2 couples, are going to WDW this weekend for a grown ups only trip. We were invited to come along but at the time we were asked, 2 months ago, there was no way we could swing it. We knew there would be no way. I would have to work, DH would have to work, we would be at the beginning of football season, we both teach kids on Sunday nights at our church, I sing at church, etc… Not to mention our Yukon that had been paid off for three years went on the fritz and we had to finance a new Tahoe…so…I had it wrapped up that I would not be going. Then we were invited for a pre-Thanksginving trip with them and the kids…still didn’t think we would be able to swing it financially… So here we are, the day before our friends leave for WDW and now everything has miraculously cleared up… Neither of us is working this weekend at all, there is no school Monday, no football game, no church activities Sunday night, I am not on for Praise team this weekend and we have enough extra to get our Seasonal passes if we wanted to go. Not too mention he has already said numerous times that will probably be able to make the trip in November! :mickey:

While this makes me very happy :happy: I still don’t know if we are going this weekend or not! :eek: We would leave TOMORROW!!! :eek: The only thing holding us back is him saying…okay let’s go! :glare: He just doesn’t want to go without the kids. I understand that, but he has never been to WDW without them and he doesn’t know the grownup fun we would have. I already lnow that we would not be able to stay on property unless there is a last mnute cancellation…I already checked. But…there is a hotel 1.5 miles from WDW with shuttle service that we could get for a very reasonable price. All I am wating for is the nod… Then we have November… I need to plan!!! THis is making me crazy!

Okay…really long post…sorry about that! I just needed to let off some steam!

AAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAHHHHH!!! There…I feel better…sorta…okay not really!!! :laugh: I will keep you posted as to waht he decides!!! Fingers crossed and pixie dust please!!!


Ah, just book the darn hotel, pack bags for both of you, kidnap your DH, and have a magical time!! :laugh:

I’m not kidding. :happy:


I already told our friends to get the chloraform, I’ll proved the ski masks and we will synchronize our watches!!! :ph34r:


oh my- you actually had to ASK us about this-

Get in the car and GO!

How fun!

(this is exactly how we got to be going in October- things fell into place- How could you ever TURN that away!!!)


HE SAID YES!!! I’M GOING TO WDW TOMORROW!!!:goofybounce: :simba: :goofybounce:


sending some pixie dust ~ hope he says yes…that would be so cool!!


I just missed this LOL!! AWESOME!! Have a great time!!!


AWESOME! Love it!!! have so much FUN!


woohoo!!! That’s awesome news! You’ll have so much fun!!!


Well, what are you still doing on MB? Get off here and go pack!!You are going to WDW!!


I’m at work!!!:ohmy: Until 1:00 amyway! Then I have to go to my other job for a couple of hours. Luckily all the laundry is done and I keep a travel kit stocked and ready to go! :biggrin:


woohoo!!! how exciting! i am so glad he said yes and you didnt have to get the chloraform and ski masks…have some awesome adult fun at WDW!


OMG that is the coolest thing!!! I just got goosebumps, I am so jealous!

I hope you have a magical time and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Lisa :mickey:


I am so Happy for you!! Have fun packing!!- I can’t wait our family will be there in 11 days:laugh: I guess it all works out.


Yay!!! great husband.*I would have made reservations without his OK anyway :laugh: