DH suprised me & the Kiddies with a Feb Trip


My DH who swore we wouldn’t be going to the world in February ever again just booked us a week over President’s week. My kids were so excited. I’m shocked that we’ve been able to get all of the dining/character meals we wanted. I think it’s a dream, lol. So Excited to be planning a trip so soon.


So he said “I booked a trip in 6 weeks” or he said “let’s plan a trip 6 weeks from now”?

Now I want details, details…

How old is your youngest? I was going to surprised my DGD that we were going on a trip a week after her birthday, but now we can’t go until 8 weeks later. I don’t know if we should tell her for her birthday or just wait until closer to the trip.


What a nice surprise!


Awesome surprise!!!


Awww! So nice!! What a terrific surprise. Have a wonderful time!:happy:


I wish so, awesome.


It was a nice surprise. Disney is always on our minds, so we’re always playing with dates & schedules & prices. We’ve gone over President’s week before and he said we won’t go again that week. Surprise, surprise, he told me to get quotes for that week. I got them, told him & we were booked a few hours later. My kids are super thrilled! I was shocked at first but now I’m getting excited. The planning is going great, I think we’re all set now.


Exciting!!! Have fun!!

I read all the time about people who don’t tell their kids until the day they are going. . .not sure I could do that!

Planning and talking about the trip ahead of time is so much fun! We always have a calendar countdown on the fridge!


Best kind of surprise. Ever!


We try to surprise the kids when we can, but they kinda suspected something was going on. We have been able to pull off the surprise, most recently last year during their spring break. This time we decided to let them in on it. They’ve been helping make all the plans. Their countdowns have begun.


I am surprising mine with a trip in about 40 days. THey have no idea, and there is so much going on that they have not thought about me playing Disney music every day… Can’t wait for them to find out.


Love spur of the moment surprise WDW trips… yay!


How fun! Can I ask why he said you’d never go that time again? Is there something bad about going in Feb?


I am so excited for you! I wish dh would do that!

Have a magical trip!



That’s so cool! We surprised them with a trip during Easter break last year. We put 2011 shirts in their Easter baskets and got a lot of pins from Ebay. They were pleasantly surprised.:mickey:


Well we went down 2 years ago in Feb over Presidents week. We drove down from NY in a snow storm through the Carolinas and Georgia. The driving was treacherous. The crowds were at full capacity and it was freezing cold (wearing winter coats) until the day before we left. Not to say we didn’t have a great time - we did, we’re used to going the end of August when the crowds aren’t too bad. We’re all looking forward to giving it another try!!


We just booked a room at Caribbean Beach for our last night since we couldn’t get all of the nights at a DVC studio. I booked a Pirate themed room, I’m so excited for my 8 yr old son to see it!! I think we’re going to surprise them with the themed room.


Well weather wise this year will probably be way different. Not a flake of snow to be found in the Carolinas this winter, and I’ve been eyeing Orlando weather for weeks and the highs haven’t left the 70s, except to jump into the 80s. Hopefully it keeps up!


We’ve got our eye on the weather as well. Either way we’re going to have a great time. We need this trip right now, lots going on here, so we’re definitely looking forward to it. :mickey:


Thanks April. Now will probably have 40 days of temps in the 30’s.:mad::laugh::mad::laugh: