DH "threw in the towel!"


I have been dropping not so suddle hints about going back this year and DH kept saying we need to take a year off. Well, long story short, I just booked a stay using our DVC points. When I told DH he kept saying, “you better cancel” and “I don’t believe you!”

Well, yesterday morning he sat down and poured us each a cup of coffee, pulled out the laptop and said, let’s talk about Disney! I said, “the only thing we are talking about is where you would like to stay if it is different from Wildreness.” He responded with the biggest smile, and said, I guess I have to throw in the towel!" I

I have the very best DH in the whole world! I knew he could not resist a trip to Disney!!! :happy:


Yay for you!! Congrats!!


Good for you!! Take a year off?? I can’t even think of doing that:laugh:


Good for you! Sometimes I will book one and then tell him at a later point sometime. :laugh: They never can resist a Disney trip, Daniel’s towel was permanently thrown about 10 years ago. :laugh:


Yea! Enjoy planning another trip.


So when’s the trip?!?!?


:laugh: My DH doesn’t even have a towel. He knows he’s going to WDW every year so there’s no point in trying to fight it.


HAHAHAHA…I’m in the same boat!!! DH fights me every year, but agrees to go. And now that we have DVC…it’s a no brainer. :happy:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: hahaha, Eugene’s towel has been proverbially burnt! YES! :tongue:


Good for you. Have fun planning your trip. And if I was you I would toss that towel out.


Congrats on another trip! My husband won’t even considering going. Oh well more Disney fun for me!


I guess that was a little bit of Pixie Dust, eh?


Ha! Take a year off when you’re a member of DVC? No thanks! Hooray that you get to go! Happy planning!


Hahaha! All of those posts made me chuckle! I knew it would just take some sly manuver!

We have a couple of friends going this year and I know this sounds terrible, and to be honest, so not me BUT… when I heard that they were going, I was so jealous! Then I was mad at myself, how could I be jealous, when I have gone the last 3 years and my friends haven’t, but after all, it is Disney. It is like the reverse plague!!!

So, our very good friends are going in October when our children have three half days in one week so since they had been begging us to join them, we are! October 17 - 24th! Yeah!!!


Great time to go, good for you!


I’m a lucky one. My dh is the one always ready to go to WDW. We decide on a date and then I make all the arrangments. :wub:


October 17 - 24th! Yeah!!![/QUOTE]

I love WDW in October, the weather is absolutely perfect at that time. Have fun planning.


:laugh: It’s better this way.

Congratulations Nokey.:happy:


Yeah! Glad to hear he is embracing the idea. You’re going to have a great trip.


DH is a disney freak as well, but we figured last year we were taking a ten day trip at Christmas time so we should be able to hold off throughout 2009, but after a little leg pulling (I think he planned to give in the whole time), he is on board and talking about it non-stop!