Dh work is trying to ruin our trip so it seems


My dh and I planned our trip long ago … did not book it or anything just mapped out what we wanted to do and when. Then he went to his boss and said of the 5 weeks vacation he has coming he wanted to take 10 days for our trip at Christmas time. The boss said ok and approved the vacation in MAY 2007. I went after that and booked our airfare and our trip with Mouseketrips:wub: . put our deposit down and all that jazz.

I would say about 1 month ago his boss asked if he planned any other time off before the end of the year and he said no(They needed to get the info from everyone in the company so they have things covered). Then about 1 week ago he gets a email from the person in HUman Resources that those that have the highest seniority get off first at Xmas time!:ohmy: :angry: They are only going to allow 6 people in dh dept. off that week and dh is not one of them!!!:mad: However the week around Thanksgiving they are letting 16 people one week and 16 more the other week off for a trip to Mexico ( sales people won the trip at work). Dh went and sent a email wanting to know how they can let almost 3xs as many people then as they are at xmas. He basiclly told them its BS and wants a explanation as to why they can get off but he can not. he did not even mention the fact he was approved by his own boss! he wanted to see what they had to say for themselves after contradicting what they said in the first place. well its been 1 week and they are not answering his email.
Dh thinks that the realized what a contradiction they made and feel stupid and have no answer. Dh is so mad and so am I, because after that his boss shot off a email that said he would be out of the office for vacation time on 3 of the days we are gone to WDW!!!:ohmy: :eek: :angry:

Now I don’t know what to do I am not sure if we are going or not! Dh said we are going and his customers will just call in there orders like those that are off. The company is worried about the phone being over loaded with calls for orders ( food ). I am not sure what the heck to think now!
what a mess this is! I guess atleast wehave it in wrting that his boss said ok to vacation, so he can not deny that.


Wow that stinks-
I would forward the email you have to HR and say " Our reservations are already booked and nonrefundable based on the following email we received… Im sorry, however you will have to make other arrangements"


DH should also note that your plans are already made and paid for and that changing airline tickets will cost additional.

If there is a union contract, he should look at it and see if there’s some alternative he has to raise it as a contract issue.




Disney is more important.


:laugh: :laugh: actually he is so mad right now , I was worried he might !

and that is no joke! I told him he better not dare quit until he has another job. there is alot of BS aside from the vacation bit and this may be the breaking point!


I second what Boss said! :laugh:


That is terrible. Please update us.


Sounds like it’s time to look for a new job!


He needs to go in directly to his boss. In all my years of experience, Management overrides standard HR rules. He has already gotten it approved by Boss, and just needs to verify with boss directly who will cover for him while he is away.

If Boss is not supportive, bypass all HR employees and go directly to HR Management, discussing directly you taking proper procedures, getting approval first, then setting up non-refundable vacation. They cannot deny you getting your vacation approved, and then just take it away from you.

If all else fails, take vacation anyways. You wouldn’t want to work for a snakey company like that anyways!


Depending on what your state laws are your DH may not have a choice. Many States and Union Contracts specifically have rules about vacation time taken around a Holiday. Like the previous poster said, take it to the person who initially gave the OK. Don’t throw anyone under the bus either. It is possible that said boss did not know or was unaware of the rule. He should never ever jump steps. That is corporate suicide! Start at the bottom and have him work his way up. Each time he hears “that’s the policy” he should explain how important it is and explain that he will be contacting the next level of managment. Remember, never throw anyone under the bus. Have him “ask for help” not demand resolution. People like to help, they don’t like to be ordered. Who ever he talks to from the bottom up he needs to make them allies not enemies. Ask for advice on moving forward. He should have submitted a request in writing and have the written authorization with him, if not it will make it more difficult. Comparing other vacations to his is a mistake, it is not about them. Has a manager I often had to do things that did not seem fair to others because I had more information about seasonal trends, up coming projects and other factors that my people were not aware of. Your DH may not have all the company information needed to make a fair comparaison. If the trips were won than it looks like the company is OK with that many people out on that week. However they didn’t send people off on the same week as your DH’s because it may be too busy. Whatever the reason, right or wrong tell him to resist the urge to compare the number of people out because it is irelevent to him.
I wish you both good luck, check your trip contract you may be able to move the week and in the case of Southwest they will let you move your tickets for very little money.
Remember, keep a cool head, ask for help, don’t demand, verify all communications.


I forgot one other thing.
Try not to use email it is way to impersonal. That makes it too easy to ignore him or tell him no. If he can, try to have him set up appointments with the people he needs to talk with. If they are going to say no make them look him in his sad puppy dog eyes. It is a lot harder for them that way.
Ask for the appointment and give them little about what he wants to talk about. Tell them it is about vacation time, that is all he needs to say. If they probe over the phone tell them “I would like to talk to you about it in person” is Tuesday at 9 OK? Set the appointment and don’t allow them to qualify the subject. That is what people do over the phone. They start asking questions and before you know it you just blew your appointment because there is nothing else to discuss.
Keep us up-dated, I will throw some pixie dust your way:happy:


I think he should hit his boss first with some Muay Thai knee strikes, then a Superman, then take him to the ground, get full mount, and ground and pound him into submission.

If that doesn’t work, do what the others said above.


Those are exactly the steps I would recommend. The boss ought to be willing to go to bat for him.

Now it’s time to stop being mad- your DH needs to be calmly aggressive in his approach and get this taken care of. Exceptions are made to rules all of the time- and having the approval for the time off so far in advance is an excellent start for getting that exception.

In all seriousness, it’s fine to say “he should quit” and “they can’t do that, it’s not fair”… but they CAN do that whether it’s fair or not, and I know that in my family to quit in a snit is certainly not a responsible option- it’s a luxury most people can’t afford. (Whether or not it’s time for your DH to start exploring other employment options likely hinges on a LOT of things, I’m sure- and it’s always better to look for a job when you have a job!)

So chin up, get focused on getting this settled- because I have every confidence that by taking a personal, reasoned, non-emotional approach, you 'll be able to get your vacation.

Good luck!


Ya quiting and all that is not a smart move at all. He likes his job and there are always a few things here and there that bug him but not enough to quit just like that!

He is going to speak to his boss again next week when the have a meeting. Doing a in person thing is not possible with out drivng 2 hours . The home office is quite far and when you have customers all day every day ,its not really possible to swing . I agree and so does he , in needs to be done inperson and handled some other way besides email.


prayers and pixie dust that this will all work out for you!!


He shouldn’t have to quit they were the ones who approved it so now they have to deal with it! Was it approved in writing or in e-mail??


I feel your pain. Good luck. Let us know how things go.


Thank you Spectro that was very nice of you to take time and give your expertise opinion. I reccommend you for MouseBuzzer of the week, no month!

Oh and the best of luck mouseof4 with your problem!