DHS Best Restaurants


I haven’t heard many good things said about the eating spots in DHS.

So, since we are going soon, it would be nice to hear what everyone thinks is the best eating place in DHS. We ate at Pizza Planet once but the noise was awful. Counter service coupled with quiet would be our pick. Is there such a place at DHS?


Here is my honest take on all the food at DHS… :laugh:

Hollywood & Vine: good variety of food but the quality isn’t much better than your local neighborhood buffet restaurant.

Mamma Melrose’s: quiet & cozy atmosphere but service can be questionable & the food is decent but NOT any better than any given local ‘italian’ restaurant.

Brown Derby: I actually REALLY liked every meal we’ve eaten here. I think the food quality is great & the service was always pretty attentive. Not a very exciting atmosphere though (well unless you like that kinda stuff like me)

Sci-Fi diner: Love watching the big movie screen but I always thought it was kinda a waste because the food there is just ‘blah.’ Nothing spectacular, I’d eat lunch there again maybe but NOT dinner.

Counter Service: they all suck.

Your best bet: take a boat over to one of the EPCOT resorts!


Well, they have a pretty decent Cuban sandwich at the Commisary but it’s not very quiet. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of any counter service in the Studios that’s really quiet.


I agree with Wish about all the CS spots…:blow:

I have no favorites for TS here either. We thought Mama’s was mediocre at best.:glare: Hollywood and Vine :blow: Sci-Fi is OK for lunch, but I wouldn’t waste our time for dinner. With the pattern at DHS, we never considered using 2 TS credit to go to the Brown Derby, but would like to some day just to say we did…so that leaves only 50’s Prime Time. I would have to say this is the only place we would even consider if we had to eat at DHS. We did like the meatloaf, pot roast and chicken dishes.

But I would have to agree with Wish again, I would rather take the boat over to Epcot for far more superior dining options.:cool:


The food at Backlot Express was good, and we were able to embelish our cheese burgers with lots of tomatoes and fixings… I will certainly go back.

Prime Time was fun, and the food we ordred was good, but then again we didn’t expect 5 Star resteraunt-quality from a plate of mashed potatoes and meat loaf.


I just booked Hollywood & Vine since they had openings on the Fantasmic package. I am so not excited about this one but if it means less time in line I guess it is worth it. Another thing I don’t like is that if you have to cancel you must do it at least 48hrs before your adr or they charge you $10pp.

If we had PH then we would go to Epcot for dinner on the day we go to HS or go to the Boardwalk or Y&B Club.


My Ranking…

  1. Brown Derby: One of our favorite restaurants on property.
  2. Prime Time: Food is decent, and the atmosphere pulls it up a notch
  3. Hollywood & Vine: Pretty good food for a buffet
  4. Sci-Fi Drive In: Okay food, atmosphere is really cool
  5. Mama Melrose: So-so Italian food that you can get anywhere, Indifferent service.

If you are choosing a restaurant purely on quality of food then Brown Derby is it. If you want really neat theming then Prime Time and Sci-Fi would be good choices.

While Mama Melrose isn’t awful, it would not be my first recommendation to anyone unless they had their heart set on Italian food.


I can’t remember what its called, but the counter service near Honey I Shrunk the Kids always seemed deserted and thus quiet. The Commissary always seemed closed when we were hungry.:laugh: They have the best food IMO.


After 13 trips to the World, we have yet to find a decent place to eat at DHS. We always leave the park when it’s time to eat.


We loved 50’s prime time. Honestly, I can’t remember the food but I remember how entertaining and fun the place was. We laughed our heads off the whole time! This trip we trying Sci-Fri drive in. Again, not sure of the food but thought my kids would love the cars and to see what a drive-in sort looks like because I always talk about how as a kid I went to them…:blink:


Stay away from Hollywood and Vine. Quality of food was poor and the restrooms were dirty, dirty, dirty. Not like Disney at all! Felt like a truck stop:angry::ohmy:


We are not so crazy about the TS in HS, so this year we ate only CS once (and we visited 3 times!) and TS not at all. We like Backlot Express alot, the rotisserie chicken is AWESOME, and the desserts as well…wrap is good, but not exciting. It is covered, large and outdoors, so the noise is pretty quiet - the playground for Honey I shrunk the Kids is right next door, so if your kids arent too little, they can play in there before/after while you enjoy some peace (they also sell beer and wine at this CS!)


I agree with Wish on the food at DHS. Our first trip Mama Melrose was awesome. The second time we went last Jan it was okay. Hollywood and Vine was okay also. I would go to one of the other parks or DTD to eat if you have the time.


From everything I have read on here about DHS food, I don’t think we will be eating there. It looks like they would put something like they have in Universal. A 1950’s diner with 1950’s sock hop type dancers. Like a Happy Days Diner & make everything 1950s. Serve hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, malts, floats, etc.


Can’t beat the service and flavors at the Brown Derby! The Brushetta at momma Melrose id fantastic with true Italian specialties! Starring Rolls has changed and is absolutely great in many new selections! Scrumptious snacks everywhere! You will find many great selections in DHS!


In all my trips to WDW DHS is my least favorite place to eat. If we do eat in the studios we offer go to the 50’s Prime time for the atomsphere. I am have beeen to the Derby once on my honeymoon, and If I remember correctly I don’t think my kids would like it too much. The Sci- Fi is cool, but the food is ordinary and the reduced lighting and freak out kids.


We always hit 50’s Primetime, I love the pot roast, mmm, Backlot for fast food is ok, we usually hit it for a lunch. Toy Story Pizza is ok also, just loud.

The commissary is decent to, they have some different items, not your chicken and burgers, they have fish and chips etc. I liked going there for breakfast they use to serve pancakes, now its just breakfast sandwiches, cereal, bagles, I like the breakfast sandwiches, but last year I wanted pancakes and didn’t realize the menu changed, bummer


Can you see block party bash from any of the Restaurants?


I loved my meal at H&V and Prime Time. The lunch at Sci Fi was the worst I have ever had at Disney and I am not picky.Commissary is not bad for counter service.


We love the Primetime Cafe! The fried chicken is SOOOO good! My DH loves the pot roast…remember to keep your elbows off the table, and finish your veggies…or big sis will make an example out of you…LOL!!