DHS, help with diner choice


kay i know that none of the CS resturants are really great at DHS, so i need some help…

we are spending most of the day we are going to DHS at MK, then back to POFQ for a rest. really only making the trip back ot to DHS for Fantasmic and to hit a few of the DD friendly attractions.

we are planning on getting to DHS about 3:30 and then seeing Fantasmic at the 6:30pm show. (this will be the Mon. prior to Thanksgiving)

these are the attractions we want to hit if pssible:
Theater of the Star: @ 3:45
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Muppets 3-D
Playhouse Disney: will be Mickey & Minnie by then!!!
Star Tours
The Great Movie Ride
~maybe Narnia
~maybe Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground

~~ so here is my question pertaining to EATS!

what should we do??? do we have time to have a TS?? or are we cutting it too close and will only be ablet o grab a burger on the run??

if that’s the case…what CS is good?? Rosie’s Cafe?? Pizza Planet??

if you think we WILL have time for TS…recomendations PLEASE!


k…I think I have this right.
You are going to MK in the morning then back to POFQ for rest and then to DHS around 3:30 and then Fantasmic at 6:30…is this right?
If it is…
I think you might be cutting it too close by trying to do all of those things in less than 3 hours as it is. Adding a table service would make it tough!
I would suggest grabbing a bite back at POFQ. Their food court is great and would wouldn’t have to worry about crappy CS meals.
As far as eating at DHS, I would only suggest the ABC Commissary or Backlot if you like the Cheeseburgers and Chicken Fingers route. Rosies is outside and right near TOT and RNR so it makes it really hard to find a table and it’s all outdoors. And Pizza Planet is just gross.


Yes…that’s right.

yea…i thought that was probably the case…

out of the list of attractions we want to do if possible, there are 7 real wants, & 2 maybes…out of the 7 wants, we will get to what we can…& save the others for next time. it’s no biggie.

that’s a good idea, but that puts us eating about 3pm…a bit early for diner. i will have to mull that over a bit. thanks! :C)


Duh, you’re eating dinner! For some reason I kept thinking lunch! :pinch: :pinch: You pretty much have to get to Fantasmic early because of seating and everything, I would allot at least 45 mins especially since you are going over Thanksgiving. What we did was have one person save the seats (and watch the kiddos) and the other person went and got hot dogs and snacks from the little food place in the amphitheater. It was a good way to pass the time.


now i am thinking that we might ought to go to the later Fantasmic…at 8pm…then we would have until 7:15 to get to the ampitheater to get seats…and could have diner prior to. hmmmmmmm…


That might work better too! Also the later Fantasmics are usually less crowded than the earlier ones.


i’ve been looking at the menues on allears. i think we will try to get an adr for diner at 50’s PTC about 6pm.

that will only give us about 2 1/2 hrs. of playtime in the park, i hope we can hit most of what we are interested in during that short bit of play-time. ~ probably skipping Narnia, Honey…Kids playground & TGMR,…

that will only leave us with:

Playhouse Disney: if it’s Mickey & Minnie, it is a MUST do…if it not then we will definitely SKIP it. If we skip it , we will do TGMR & /or one of the others prev. mentioned.

Theater of the Stars ~ Beauty & Beast 3:45, or 5pm…probably 5pm

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Muppets 3-D

Star Tours

50’s Prime Time: Diner at 6pm (hopefully)
& Fantasmic ~ get seats at 7:15

am i being totally unreasonable with how much (little) time we are going to have? we are not comando types, but we are quick walkers by nature and DH is super quick to get the FP’s rolling our way! :C) we always seem to be abel to knock out alot in a little amount of time, but that’s always been during the off season. i know Thanksgiving week is a diff. story.


I would do the later Fantasmic show. That way you’ll have some breathing room. I know other people like/really like/love the quick hot dogs offered around WDW, but I, shall we say, despise them. Plus, if the weather is crappy/misty/drizzly, it could be an unenjoyable meal. Also, it will be a bit darker at 8, as at 6:30, it’s still twilight.
I’d stick to the rest of your plan and at 6:30 go to dinner at a table service place, perhaps even springing for the Fantasmic dinner package.
Personally, I plan my days around the shows I want to see and the meals I want to eat and if time and crowds don’t permit me to hit all the rides, oh well.
However, I know this doesn’t work for everyone.