Dh's work trip to Epcot March 6-7


Ok some of you know that Dh had a Seminar for work ( he works for World Electric Supply ) and Sylvania was having a seminar in Epcot Unfortunately no wives were allowed to go … They paid for his hotel ( AKL ) he had Savanah side room ( I am soooooooo Jealous ) and he has been giving me blow by blow of what he has done since I he is actually bored since I am not with him … He went on figment and called me so I could “ride” it with him…The seminar is in a private place in Epcot … and He got to ride SSE and he said I would have loved it . It was raining all day yesterday … He also had Dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh Sylvania picked up the tab for it and he said it was really good … He also had an Illuminations Dessert party that even know they still had it they were rained on pretty bad … This morning he went down for Breakfast and was going to Splurge and Eat at Bomas ( he had to pay for his own Breakfast ) When people from Sylvania came and they ate together ( they walked right into Bomas ) Sylvania picked up the tab. He said it was one of the best Breakfasts on property … so anyone who has been wanting to try it Go for it … He is coming home this afternoon and well we decided to go back up there tomorrow for the day … He didnt bring a camera so I dont have that many pics only a couple … and I will have to download them to my phone so it might be awhile …

ok guys just had to tell you about this since I am soooooooooo jealous of DH right now lol


Now THAT is a husband worth keeping!!! :heart:


yes he is especially since he wants to drive back tomorrow …


That sounds great! What a sweet DH you have. Glad he enjoyed his Boma breakfast.


Wow! That’s soooo sweet! Have a great time!


That is so sweet. That is a wonderful DH!


here is one that Dh took of snow white and Dopey sorry its was very wet out yesterday and I guess it caused his phone to fog up


Oh I love that your DH talked you through the ride!


I guess I’m not as nice as everyone else. If my DH went to Disney without me I’d say that was grounds for a divorce.:laugh:


Your DH sound so sweet. It was nice of you to be able to ride Figment.



trust me he really didnt want to go without me especially when he heard he was staying at AKL but they didnt allow wives so I couldnt go