Diamond Horseshoe Restaurant


I found this item on wdwmagic

The Diamond Horseshoe news - Diamond Horseshoe opening dates and times during Easter period

My question is:

Is this a restaurant that is normally open b/c I have never heard anything about it?

I think we ate here in Oct 1999 but I am not entirely sure so any info on this place would be great!




I can’t remember ever noticing it either. :confused:

Diamond Horseshoe | Restaurant | Walt Disney World Resort


Thanks for the link. That is not the restaurant that we went to in 1999. I know we ate at a country-ish restarurnt at DtD or Pleasure Island. I have a pic with my DH and a horse statute. I’ll post it later today and maybe it will jog someones memory!

Thanks again!



I have noticed it before, but it never seems to be open. During MVMCP this past year we saw Woody, Bullseye and Liver Lips there.


I remember eating there when I was little (mid 90s) but haven’t paid any attention to it since then.


It’s almost never open in this fashion!
But notice that it’s only open for a few weeks and open for very limited hours (5-9 PM)
I believe it only opens during spring break, as does El Pirata y el Perico.

All Ears does list Diamond Horseshoe, but only as a CS with a limited selection of 5 sandwiches.

Edit: I read in one place they’re only open for dinner and in another place that they’re also open for lunch between 11 and 4.

This is a western themed price fixed dinner $33.99/$16.99.
Not sure what lunch costs.


I’ve noticed it in the past but it’s never been open when we’ve been there, kinda like the noodle station.


Exactly like the Noodle Station, only historically, I’ve seen the Noodle Station open a lot more than Diamond Horseshoe.
But yes, same concept. They only open during high attendance periods.


The Diamond Horseshoe was open in November. We ate there just because we wanted to say we did. It was fast food and nothing spectacular but the location was great.