Diamond Horseshoe Review


I just read that DHR will be open for the busy season.

Does anyone know why they closed it in the first place? DH and I used to love going there for lunch and to watch the show while we ate. It was like a “free” Hoop de doo!

When it’s open seasonally do you think they’ll have the show?


Sorry, this was all I could find…

The Diamond Horseshoe Revue in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland will be open for quick service lunch (sandwiches, chips, and snacks) from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. now through June 28.


We ate there for lunch on our trip in April and there was no show. But the sandwhiches were huge and delicious.


Yes, you’re right, it was a fun place to go and have lunch. Hopefully they’ll keep it open in winter too, so we can go for old times sake :cool:


We ate there in May. But it was late and there wasn’t a show. But the food was still good.


It is going to be open for a full service meal from July 3-6. They are going to be serving the exact same meal at LTT’s character dinner, but without the characters.

Just FYI for anyone looking for a sit-down meal during those days. :happy: