Did anyone else notice on DWTS?


On the first week of Dancing with the Stars who noticed who was sitting next to Buzz Aldrin’s wife? None other than Tim Allen. At first I questioned why would Tim Allen be sitting next to Mrs.Aldrin but then it hit me. ABC/Disney doesn’t do anything by accident and with Toy Story 3 coming out who better but Buzz Lightyear himself sitting next to Mrs. Buzz Aldrin.


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:when talking about DWTS here at the office we we call Buzz Aldrin “BUZZ LIGHTYEAR”!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


I noticed that myself and I agree. They showed him sitting there three times.

“To infinity … and BEYOND!”


I did see him, but that never occurred to me. Good catch.


I didn’t see him but I saw Terrell Owens.:pirate: