Did Anyone Get Their DVC Maintenance Statement Yet?


I thought I should have received it already, so I went on line and it stated effective December 18th, the statement is available, and due on 1/15/11. I don’t recall anyone mentioning getting theirs, to which I haven’t gotten mine yet. So, is Disney just running late with the mail?


Nope haven’t gotten mine yet.


Neither have I.

Just a side note, the last few yrs Discover card has had travel for the 5% category in Jan. We have used our discover card to pay our dues and we got 5% on the first 800 bucks. I’m hoping it’s still valid this year too. Nice to get the 40 bucks.


I haven’t seen it either.


We haven’t received ours either.


Didn’t get a physical statement, but the info is available on-line now.


Got it today…


got it today…


we got our statement over the weekend


I got mine. Ouch!

Collections will be gladly accepted by paypal, MC/VISA, and large unmarked bills! :laugh:

DON’T forget to write off the real estate taxes that you paid last year…every little bit helps!


Eh, since we have so few points I don’t think we get much in the way of a benefit if any with claiming it on our taxes


Same here.


But when you have tons of points like someone we know, I guess it makes a difference.

I’m still hoping once again discover card considers this under the “travel” category. That will put 40 bucks in my pocket.


Got mine yesterday.


I wish I could afford to have that someone we knows problem


got mine yesterday


Well, I am a landlord and in the business. Renting/using my points is a lot more fun that the rental properties that I have. If the toilet its stopped up they call the front desk to complain, NOT ME!

Of course, the rental houses USED to be increasing in value so it wasn’t so bad then.


We got our statement yesterday as well.


Yes, I got mine yesterday also.


Paid in full now!!! I don’t know why I get so excited paying taxes:blush: I guess I’m just giddy about owning DVC!:wub: