Did anyone see


“What You Get For The Money, Disney” on Fine Living last night? Was interesting to see what you can get on a $1600.00 budget. Was fun seeing all the parks and made me hungry after seeing what everyone was eating.


I have to check my cable to see if I get this channel. This program is listed to air again this afternoon so hopefully I can watch it. I would just love to get tips on how to get more for my money!!


I am all about stretching the dollar- Im actually looking forward to counter service and home cooking at ssr this trip!


Is that a $1600 food budget or is that the vacation special that Disney still advertises?

I don’t get “fine living” here :sad: :crying: :pinch: :fork_off:


I didn’t see it. I didn’t even know it was on. I don’t know how far $1600 would get me however…that’s tickets, airfare and maybe a night or two in a tent.:laugh:


They had three different families. A young couple with two little girls. They stayed, I think, 5 days/4nights at Music. Family 2 was a single mom with three boys (2 were teens) that stayed 4 days/3 nights at PC and the last was a couple in their 50’s. They stayed 3 days/2 nights at AKL. They only went to one park, AK but went golfing, had a couples message and ate at the nicer restaurants, although they were all on the dining plan. Each family did something a little bit different, but all came in under their $1600 budget. The show is going to be repeated several times, so those of you who can get Fine Living, look for it.


I’d like to see this. Did the $1600 include the hotel, tickets and food? I agree Dana, I think $1600 would get me tickets and fuel and not much else :laugh:. Geez, if gas truly goes up to $4-$5 per gallon by the time we go in November, I’m looking at $700-$800 easily just for GAS :mad: .


Yes, everything, but as you can see, nobody stayed a full week. And you can bet that didn’t include souvenirs.


Unless it was a pressed penny:laugh:


I caught part of it last night and taped the overnight repeat so I could watch the whole thing this morning.

The host was Tracy Gallagher, who I think was the girl who hosted the repeating program on the Resort channels a couple of years ago.


I hate I missed that one. I’m glad to know it’s out there, though. I’m going to search and see when it’s coming on again so I can catch it next time.


They showed the 50ish couple at a spa ($230 total for both). I got the impression this was an extra charge? Maybe I misheard.


I think it’s going to be on again on the 17th at 5:00 CT.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ditto Dana!


I think they didn’t count airfare - just hotels, ticket options, dining plans, and extras. The “empty-nesters” played a round of golf and had that couples massage at the SSR spa.