Did anyone watch this year's Star Wars Weekend Hoopla?


Rock n Roll baby!!! That was the dance theme this year. Don’t know how to attach a link, but take the time to watch the Star Wars weekend dance competition between the good guys and the dark side on youtube. Too funny!!!


Okay, I think I figured this attachment thing out:

YouTube - ‪Star.Wars.Weekends.2011.Pt.2‬‏


Very funny! I would love to go during Star Wars Weekend sometime.


That was great, but I kept thinking they must be roasting in the costumes! Dancing with a full head mask and robes in the heat. :eek:


Loved Chewbaca; I can’t wait to show the kids when they get home.


Hoolpa was AMAZING this year! But hey, how could any show with not ONE but TWO Twisted Sister songs not be! My favorite part has be Chewy as Axle and an ewok as Slash. Pure awesome!