Did I make the right decision?


My sister is able to join us in WDW over the Fourth of July weekend and so I wanted to change two reservations to accommodate an 8th person. I had no problem changing the reservation for Garden Grill on the 3rd, but had to change my Liberty Tree at MK from 5:15 to 2:10 which puts us on the Lunch menu instead of the dinner menu. The only other option was dinner at 8:20 pm. Has anyone been there for Lunch? Is it much different than dinner? Are we missing out on anything?


Naw. Now that the characters are gone its just a decent thanksgiving dinner. Just like you would get a the local Holiday Inn hotel restaurant.


We ate lunch there a couple of years ago and enjoyed it.


You are fine, it is no different than dinner. Now that the characters are gone (tear drops in my lap), the meals are really the same. No big deal.


The only time I have ever been there was for a lunch. I enjoyed it as did my DD.


Thanks everyone. That puts my mind at ease!