Did I mention I have a new boss?


My little boy is a huge fan of him. :happy:


I am officially back as a full-time Disney Cast Member! You may never see me, but you certainly may talk to me…as a Sales Agent at the Disney Reservation Center! Still have 3 more weeks before I start taking phone calls, but it’s a great place to be. It’s good to be back.


well great. congratulations :happy:


Congrats Ginger, and what a cutey that little guy is!


Will you feed that baby…looks like he’s just wasting away! :laugh:


Congratulations Ginger. You’re back home. :mickey: You know, we have the cutest babies here on MB. Everyone of them are adorable. :wub:


Congratulations!!! So this means you might be the one wishing me a magical day the next time I make a reservation?? :happy:

Your little mousketeer is the cutest!!! :wub:


yeah, and she must make him work night and day. He looks exhausted. :laugh:

Such a cutie.:wub:


Congratulations Ginger! What a sweet pic.


Congratulations on the baby and on the job!

You may hear from me in the next few weeks to make a reservation :slight_smile:


Congrats! Sounds like you love your new boss.


Great! You are a hard girl to keep up with! How was the flight check-in you had a for a while? If I recall it was opposite hours from Sean.

If I call to book a vacation package might I get you on this line after you are done training? I’m not sure what a sales agent is if different from who I get when I call - maybe same thing?


Congratulations Ginger! Thats awesome!

I love that picture too!


Ginger I am so excited for you! I hope you love your new position!!


Awesome news! Congrats on the new job - I bet you feel like you are back where you belong!