Did I pick a great week or what?


Today was DD’s last day of school and they sent home school calender for next year. She is only going to miss 2 and a half days of school for the entire 8 day trip. We leave on the 25th (day one missed), they are off both the 26th and the 27th for parent conferences, the 28th and 29th are the weekend, they have school the 30th(day 2 mised), half day on the 31st(like they do work on halloween), and off on the 1st…that rocks. I was a tad worried with her missing some school…it’s her 7th grade year and her grades start to count toward high school.

Just thought I would share…lol

It does make me wonder how many other St.Margaret’s families are going to go too though :huh: :ohmy:


You Rock! that is pretty cool!


I think that is great.
Have the teacher send some work home for her


That’s perfect!!! Although you would go anyway, that’s less guilt as a parent!


It was pure dumb luck that they had off the 26th too. I figured on the 27th but wasn’t sure. I am really glad that she isn’t missing to much. I think this is the last year I am going to take her out of school to go. We are probally going to hit WDW the last week of August- first week of september next year. 8th grade is pretty serious at their school. Their scholarships to high school depend a lot on their performance that year and next year. She needs those scholarships…or I will have to cancel WDW for 4 years and get a second job to pay for high school…lol


Fat chance on that happening. They are not very accomidating with that. I’m not blaming them or anything, but in all the trips we have taken, only one teacher has assigned her work before hand. They all make her make it up after the trip…it’s a bit harsh for a week, but she always catches up. I wouldn’t take her out if she couldn’t.


It is so nice when your timing is perfect!!! :laugh:


DS will miss 5 days when we go in September…if we’d gone the week we were originally going he’d only miss 4, but due to work conflicts I had to change it. He’ll only be in 1st grade though…however, I know the time will come all too soon where we have to schedule around school days a little more. I’m trying to enjoy it while we can!

Congrats, Dana, on finding out you picked a great week!! :mickey:


Thanks Allyson and doughnut!

Allyson -
I wouldn’t worry to much about DS missing those days. I took DD out for a few days during the lower grades and it really didn’t make to much of a difference. I have alaways found that September is more of a “review” month to get them back in to school shape and see where there are.


Dana, awesome news!!! I am taking DS out of Kindergarten in December…probably 6 days! :eek: I haven’t gotten the calendar yet, so I am not sure. But I figure, it’s only Kindergarten. :wink:


That’s definately one of the best years to miss if you are going to. It seemed that K - 3rd was ok to miss and then as DD got into the higher grades, missing was more of a challenge. It’s still doable and totally worth it, but more of a challenge to catch up the week after we get home. With advance notice to the teacher and some preparations, it’s really not that hard to keep up.


Awesome! I know how hard you try to make sure she only misses a few days of school. It worked out perfectly!! Very cool!! :happy:


This is a lucky thing. My boys are starting 7th Grade this fall too and I am worried about taking days off from school.
I might just have to go by myself, maybe I’ll let DH come along :wink:


Excellent planning! But could we expect anything less from DC’s Planning Goddess? :angel:


Yeah - like what’s he gonna miss? The letter “d”?


I went to a small public high school, and missed a week (or more) of school in grades 6,8,9 for WDW trips with no problem…I guess that’s part of the ‘small town mentality’ thing. I didn’t dare miss school once I began going to a Math and Science school.

Great job on picking a good week!


That is awesome. great job on the planning. DD will miss 6 days when we go in January, but she is in kindergarten and they already asked her to skip it, but I declined!