Did I tell you all I got this?


I actually ordered it and it is suppose to be in sometime this month! I am so excited! http://www.register123.com/event/profile/web/index.cfm?PKwebID=0x20920aec6&varPage=info


WOW is that ever beautiful!


That is gorgeous! I am very jealous.


That is great! I have a couple of giclee prints. They look very real.


I love Thomas Kinkade! I have 3 other paintings of his. He is just amazing!


I am so happy you got this! It really is pretty, makes me wanna go.


Oh my gosh i want one so bad. (HINT HINT HINT my birthday is coming!!!)LOL


ooooooh that is SO nice!!! Big purchase :mickey:

Thats awesome, take a pic of it once it arrives


Woohoo!!! Girl, that rocks!


That is beautiful, I wish I could afford a piece of art like that. Everytime you see it , it will bring back lots of memories and make you look forward to making new ones.


Awww, I love it. I saw the giclee on canvas in person at the gallery in EPCOT in August and it is even MORE beautiful in person. I decided on Tinkerbell though, I couldn’t get away from that one!!!

Enjoy!!! Where are you going to display it?


Breath Taking!
Let us know how it looks when it gets there.


Very nice! How lucky are you! :happy:


Gee, I thought Thomas Kinkade—not so much my style, but that one is absolutely beautiful. Congrats, it should look great with the red couch Pu.


That is really awesome…I really like Kinkade’s paintings!!!


That is beautiful! I may have to add that to my Christmas list, it would look great in my living room.


Thanks everyone! I got the really big one, it’s just a print on paper with non glare glass, not the canvas, that one was wayyyyyy too much. But anyway I am putting it where one of my other Thomas Kinkade painting are, right over my sofa. It is going to look so good, I am never going to want to leave my livingroom again!


Yay for pumouse! It’s gonna look great in your living room:)
I’m so happy for you!




Ooooo…pretty kewl!