Did something change in the last few days?


I used to be able to hover the curser/pointer over the title to a thread, and the first paragraph would pop up in a little window so I could read it quickly and decide if I wanted to open the thread and read more. That disappeared the other day and now I have to open up each thread to see what it’s about. What happened???:confused:


YES! I noticed this too:huh: I wish it would go back to the old way!


UGH! It’s driving me crazy…:pinch:


The weird thing is when I do it at home I can preview the comments, but I can’t at work.


I called it the sneak peek and I hate that its gone- especially when the thread is really not one I can contribute to- its frustrating


I keep hovering in hopes that it will come back… It’s making me crazy. No ’ first unread post’ now no hovering ‘sneak peek’…aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggg!!!:confused: :blink: :mad: :eek:


At least I know I’m not going crazy!


oh, it’s not just me!


Same here.


It may be your IE security settings. At places of employment they may have them set to “high” to prevent pop-ups. I would not change them since it is probably against your company’s IT policy.


It was working for me at work and home last week but now it doesnt’ work at all, either place. So I don’t think it is that, at least not in my case.


I thought it was just me! I’m glad you posted.


It’s gone for me too…bummer, I really like that feature.


DITTO!:wacko: :wacko: Thought it was me too!


I would still check your IE settings at home. With the number of updates Microsoft has come out with lately along with the number of security patches, the defaults may be set to “high”. Also, you can add this site to your “trusted sites” list and it may allow your pop-ups.


I used to love the old way. Then I wouldn’t have to waste my time opening a thread that I couldn’t care less about. :laugh:


I thought I had got some spyware or something on my computers. Glad it’s not just me. I really like that feature - I hate having to open all the threads, only to find out that I really don’t care about the topic! :laugh:

I also just noticed the “Mark Forums Read” and “Open Buddy List” options on the black menu bar up top. I don’t recall that being so crowded…


i now have a mark forums read tab - is that new?


yep! me too…was going to post a question in this forum asking what was up with the “sneak peek” feature being gone. hope it returns soon…i find myself not hanging out on MB as much or for as long. since in order to see if there is anything i want to read or comment on i have to open each thread… i get frustrated. :frowning:


i just noticed this today…thought it was my computer :blush: