Did ya know?


I’m going to WDW twice this summer???

My trip is getting closer and I’m starting to get excited. We’re going with two families (11 people total) in May/June and again with my husband’s family in July. We bought APs last summer knowing we would probably have two trips this summer so we don’t have to buy tickets. We’re staying on points for both trips so we don’t have that expense either.

We have a lot of our favorite things planned for both trips along with some new things. We’re doing Hoop Dee Doo and 'Ohana on both trips because both groups wanted those and they’re both a favorite for us. We’re going to surprise my in-laws with Cirque as a thank you for paying for that trip. We have a reservation at Victoria and Albert’s with our friends. I’m nervous about that one but also looking forward to it.

We ended up using all of our snow days and four more so my plan of leaving early was ruined. Our last day of school is May 31st and our flight leaves that evening. My DH has to fly home Sunday night to start his summer classes Monday morning while Nate and I are going to stay until Friday. We’ve never been to the parks alone so that will add a different twist to our trip.

I can’t believe my trip is only 46 days away!


Lucky you!! Two trips planned!


We did the same thing with the annual passes. We were there in November 2010, February 2011, will be going August 2011 and then renewing. I think we are getting our money’s worth. We are part of the DVC, so no need to purchase hotel accommodations either. Definitely cost effective for us.


So exciting to be going twice! It will certainly be easier to leave in June knowing that you’ll be back soon! I’m so jealous that you get out by May 31st. When does your district start in Aug.? We started around the 24th of Aug., we used 2 snow days, and we don’t get out until June 10th!


Are you all staying at the same resort?


Yes, we’re at Beach Club both trips. We always stay there with our friends so that was a given and we wanted to show Mike’s parents ‘our resort.’ We’re at BCV until Tuesday and then Nate and I are moving over to Pop with one of the other families we’re going with (two room) until Friday.


I can’t remember our actual start date but it was around the 22-24 of August. We don’t have a spring break so that bumps us up a week at the end of the year. I’m actually done with classes a week before that and just have graduation practice and a class trip.


DVC has been really good for us as well, it has made our trips more affordable.


I know, it wasn’t supposed to happen but I couldn’t tell my in-laws no. :whistling


I’ve been so jealous of you as I saw on the “Who’s going to Disney” thread that you were travelling to the world twice.

We are still hoping for BCV! We renting points from a DVC owner who’s home resort is SSR. We are on a wait list for BCV or BWV.

It also looks like our trips overlap in July. We may bump into one another ha ha ha.


[QUOTE=hiner;1073197]I’ve been so jealous of you as I saw on the “Who’s going to Disney” thread that you were travelling to the world twice.

We are still hoping for BCV! We renting points from a DVC owner who’s home resort is SSR. We are on a wait list for BCV or BWV.

It also looks like our trips overlap in July. We may bump into one another ha ha ha.[/QUOTE]

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. We love BCV, it just fits us, however, SSR is a nice resort and you’ll have a great trip.


I’m so excited for you. This will be a little adventure for you and Nate with dh having to leave a little early. Have you ever stayed at Pop? I think for my next Mom and Sister trip, we are going to try to get in BCV as it will be nice not to have to load Mom’s scooter on a bus every time we need to get somewhere. Also really enjoyed it my last September trip. Don’t you just love DVC. It makes it so much fun to plan a trip…well, in your case two trips!


You’ll have a great time with Nate making memories for just you two, something you’ll both have to look back on later down the road. I understand your uncertanties though. Last summer I ended up taking all 3 of my girls while hubby was overseas and I was worried, fear of the unknown, but the trip turned out great! Yours will too.


That is AWESOME! We’ve been twice in the same calendar year but never twice with in 3 months. That is really awesome! I can’t wait for TRs as I really need some to got thru until Oct/Nov.


Lucky Lucky You!:happy: What a wonderful summer you have to look forward to!


Lucky Girl:smile::smile:. I wish I was going twice in a year. That will be two cool different groups to go with.


I will also be going twice this summer, we will be there at very similar times. We arrive at AKV May 22 until June 2 with the entire family of six.

In August (arrive the 17th), I will be returning, for 6 days, with our oldest son who just turned twelve. My wife and I decided a long time ago to take our children, when they turn twelve, on their own trip. It gives us an opportunity to spend some time alone with them before they get to the point when they don’t want to spend time with us. They get to choose where they want to go anywhere in the US (48). The oldest chose WDW - We are training them well.


Now that is a nice summer…excited for you!! Can’t wait to read the reports. I will have to live through you while I wait for August.:heart:


We have only spent one night at Pop and didn’t fall in love, however, we checked in at 11 pm and left by 6 am so it wasn’t much of a stay. This time we’ll have a little more time to see the resort. The only real memory I have is it was LOUD even late at night. Hopefully we won’t hear screaming late at night this time.

I love our DVC, it has made our trips so much nicer. I know it’s not free but it sure is nice to not to have a big credit card bill when we check out.

I hope you get in at BCV, the location is perfect for a scooter. Being able to walk to Epcot and take a short boat ride to HS is so nice.


I can’t wait to spend some mom/son time together, you’re right, we’re going to make some great memories. I’m a little nervous but we won’t be totally alone because one of the other families is moving over to Pop when we do and we’re on the some flight home. I’m going to ask for rooms close together but to be honest, we haven’t talked about how much time we’re going to spend together on this part of the trip. I think we both want so alone time but I’m sure we’ll also hang out some.