Did you know


Did you know that…

Start a thread about cool movie info…like…

Dick Van Dyke played that old guy in the bank in Mary Poppins–the one that dies from laughing. And…Dean Jones plays the hippie at the burger joint in The Love Bug…of course also with his great role as Herbie’s buddy!

Any more?


I love things like this!! I will try to think of one and get back to you! :glare:


Did you know that the girl who does Lilo’s voice in “Lilo & Stitch” also played Samara in “The Ring”?? :blink:


Did you know that Lea Salonga…the singing voice for Mulan and Jasmine…was Eponine in the musical, Les Miserables???


Did you know that Lea Salonga’s introduction to Broadway was in the title role in Miss Saigon?

And that the girl who did Alice’s voice also did the voice of Wendy in Peter Pan?


I was wondering about that…


wow…I thought Miss Saigon came way after Les Miserables???


Not only that but the voice of Maleficent (Eleanor Audley) is the voice of Madame Leota in the Haunted Mansion ride… while Leota’s face is that of the Imagineer Leota Thomas! (And her maiden name was Toombs, as well, which would be even more perfect.)


Hey cutie! Haven’t seen you in a while!!


Thank you! We were at WDW! :slight_smile:


Did you know that the dinosaur skeleton from the classic “One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing”, is the same one that C-3PO walks past in the Tattooine desert in “Star Wars-A New Hope”?

So it’s not really missing, just severely misplaced…on another planet! :biggrin:


oh how was it? Did you have a good time? How was the celebration?


We LOVED it!! The cub is planning on making a full trip report soon…


When should we start looking for that cub?


Great thread! I’ll bet Mickey has a few good ones to put out for us. Just wish I did… :pinch:


did you know that tinkerbell is NOT modeled after Marilyn Monroe? “Peter Pan” was released in 1953 and MM was not a big hollywood star at the time. tinkerbell is modeled after an actress who performed her scenes while artists drew her movements.


Did you know the man who gave a voice to Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio also gave voice to Jim Crow in Dumbo? (he sang “When I See an Elephant Fly”) Talk about opposite personalities!