Difficulties with Disney-GM contract renewal


Is Test Track Nearing End Of The Road? - Central Florida News 13

This is a bummer, but I’m not surprised… GM seems to be really suffering. I really thought GM was a great car manufacturer choice, though. I’m gonna miss the Hummer… and Solstice… and Sky!!! Test Track introduced me to cars! :laugh:

I’m hoping Disney pulls a partnership with Porsche. :cool:

Or maybe BMW… I’ve toured the BMW plant in Greenville, and it is ver similar to Test Track! :laugh:


This makes me sick to my stomach. GM is such a good quality product, and many many times they always get a bad rap, or never represented in the press. GM sponsoring this ride gives them the opportunity to show what a great product they have, without the bias media downgrading them.


It will be a shame to see GM go but there are others out there that maybe will pick up the sponsorship:sad:


DH will be devestated if Test Track goes!! That’s one of his favorites!!!


Test Track is a major attraction and I doubt that Disney would just let it go away. Somebody else will pick up the sponsorship if GM and Disney can’t make a deal. Actually, thanks to the stimulus money given to GM and Chrysler, I think that we, the taxpayers, are sponsoring Test Track now.